Black & Blue Trail Marathon

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Memphis is not known for its abundance of trails; however, it is home to some talented trail runners.  It’s a phenomenon that can’t be explained.  Trying to figure it out will leave you more discombobulate than before.  My advice is to accept it as you do that the wind exists.

As a result of not having many trails, Shelby County is lacking when it comes to trail races.  Memphis trail runners will often cross the river and bogart the trails producing good finishes in Arkansas races.

One of the inexplicably gifted trail runners I speak of is Nick Lewis.  I’m one that typically wonders what he’s going to do next.  When I heard he was directing a race, I wanted to know more.  I met with Nick at Breakaway Running one Saturday afternoon in late June to talk about the Black and Blue Trail Marathon.

The race is going to be at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park on Saturday, October 26, 2013.  Registration opens Monday, July 15, 2013, at noon (CST).  The entry fee is $75 and is capped at 200 entrants.  Friends of the Forest is the beneficiary of the race.

For more information and updates about the race, cyber stalk them on Facebook and Twitter.  Be on the lookout “four” more to come in the Memphis trail community.

[Nicholas] Who is Nick Lewis?

[Nicholas] What do you attribute the strong Memphis trail running community to?

[Nicholas] Why start this race?

[Nicholas] How did you come up with the name of the race?

[Nicholas] What should one expect?

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[Nicholas] Since the location is the same as the Swampstomper 50k/25, how are the courses similar and different?

[Nicholas] How much will be road and how much will be trail?

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Course map and elevation profile
Course map and elevation profile

I hooked up with Nick the following morning to get a sneak peek at his new secret getaway.

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