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Mullet Run - Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs

You know, when I met my wife she hadn’t been properly introduced to the outdoors. In our third month of dating I took her on her first backpacking trip. Since then she has learned to mountain bike, canoe, kayak, road bike, adventure race. We have been geocaching and orienteering and done a half-marathon. She is a trooper.

After years of either being in a race with me, doing support for a race or just taking photos of me racing it was time for her to have her own race. She signed up for the Big Dam Bridge Duathlon. This was about a 2.5 mile run, 12 mile bike and another 2.5 mile run. I went along to take photos. Since the race was at Burns Park in North Little Rock I was able to take my mountain bike and use the trails as short cuts to keep up with the race.

It was a perfect morning for the race. The only problem was that I had a malfunction with the camera (I screwed it up) and a lot of the photos are not focused properly. Sorry babe (can you do that again?)

The race included three laps on the bike around the park. That meant three trips up a torturous hill that had over half the race off the bikes.

Lisa is a distance athlete and this race was more of a warm up for her. She started hitting her stride on the run back into the finish. She passed several racers that she had been pacing with throughout the race. I think she needs to do a mile run before any race just to get ready. She had a strong finish.

Her goal going into the race was to finish in under an hour and a half. Final time — 1:23.18! Great job!

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    Julia (who has never ever messed up my camera) cough…hack…wheeze

  2. You make it sound like you rescued a couch potato! I did at least know HOW to ride a bike, and I had been in a canoe a few times and knew how to bait a hook AND how to release the fish. Not a total loss, eh? I went trail riding on my schwinn banana seat as a kid and slept in the woods. Behind my house.

    The camera was REALLY messed up-it added 20 lbs instead of 10, it isn’t real I tell you!! Next time I’m hiring Julia, she’ll know how to make me look skinny.

  3. Kool! Very Kool, Lisa! Of course your were no couch potato, (perish the thought, can’t even imagine it!) but the important thing is that you guys are in step and looking good 😉 I’ve been doing hill repeats and half mile petal-boat-a-thons… does that count for anything?

  4. Hill repeats. On good days they rock, on bad days…they’re the bane of existence. I can attest to the fact that the hill in front of your house is good enough, I have no clue how tough those steps to the lake and back are at the new/old house are, it looks hard though. At some point we’ll bring the kayak down and set you loose on the lake, we might not see you again all day you’ll be too busy yakin’ around.

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