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So our annual Christmas Day hike was a bit different this year. We went out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park and did some scouting for the new mountain bike trails that I’m working on. My hope is that we are allowed to use the spaces that we hiked because they would be beautiful trails and really fun. This turned into a 3 mile bushwhack of a hike.

The current goal is to build about a mile of “beginner” trail that would be a place that the family can let the kids try out riding on trail. Maybe put in some spots where kids and new riders can try a small rock garden or crossing some logs but have the option to go around. A few whoop-de-do’s to tickle the stomach and couple of short bridge crossings.

Then we will build a more “intermediate” trail that would have some more technical options on it. More climbing and switchbacks, tighter turns and some more distance.

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Finally we would put in some “expert” trails that would include getting up and over the saddle back of the Fulk Mountains. This would include more climbing and more rock gardens.

In all we hope to get about 7 or 8 miles in. We still have some layout work to do and then we have to get the plans passed. We really want a top-notch trail system that exceeds IMBA standards. After that I will be looking for manpower. So stay tuned.

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