***Special Notice***

Due to the need for social distancing surrounding the COVID-19 situation, many of the events listed on our calendar have been canceled or had the dates changed. We are not currently taking down events as we haven’t received any definitives from most event organizers. WE RECOMMEND that you contact the race director or organizer before registering for any event in the next couple of months. We will attempt to keep you informed as we get more information. Thanks.

Our calendar of events lists outdoor participatory sports throughout Arkansas. Feel free to search through the categories or tags. There is a lot happening so make your plans today. Please remember, these are not our events but a listing of Arkansas events that we share through Arkansas Outside.


Spa City 5 Hour Mountain Bike Endurance Race @ Cedar Glades Park
Mar 13 @ 8:30 am – 2:00 pm
Spa City 5 Hour Mountain Bike Endurance Race @ Cedar Glades Park

***Special Notice***

The weather is not cooperating sufficiently to be able to host the Spa City 5 hour Mt Bike Race on March 13. As of Noon today, the venue has received nearly 3 inches of rain with an additional 2.5 inch in the forecast. As a bonus feature it is also forecasted for high probability of thunderstorms on Race Day.

How many people want to destroy their drive train and the Trail…

With all this, it makes sense to reschedule the event. The next available date where it fits into all the schedules of those providing support as well as the Park is July 10, 2016. This will place the 5 Hour as the final race of the Marathon Series for 2016.

Fred P.


We will use a Laman’s style start System.

Scoring: This race is part of the AR Marathon series.

Your Last recorded lap between 3 Hours and 5 hours and 30 min will be used for scoring.

If your last lap is recorded under 3 hours you will not be considered an official finisher.

Any Laps recorded after 5 hours and 30 min, will not be used towards scoring.

The order of precedence for scouring in LAPS then time.

Example:  Bob and Sam are racing against each other in the 30 -39 male division.  Bob completes 5 laps in 5 hours and 18 min.  Sam completes 5 Laps in 5 Hour and 22 min.  Bob Wins given he completed the distance of 5 laps faster then Sam.

Team Relay handoff: Teams will need to estimate the completion time of laps in order to have the next rider waiting in the Transition Zone for the Exchange. All team riders must clear their bikes from the timing area bike after exchanging riders.

Basic Team Rules: Good etiquette is expected to be practiced on the course. Riders can ride in any order they wish. Teams can change the order of their riders. Each rider from a team must complete at least one lap. One person must be designated as the Captain of the team.

Rider Etiquette:
* Let other riders know when you are passing.
* Use Common Sense.

Ouachita Challenge Tour and Race – 2016 @ Oden School
Apr 2 – Apr 3 all-day
Ouachita Challenge Tour and Race - 2016 @ Oden School

Now in its second decade, this unique event provides a sixty plus mile loop and two days of mountain bike touring and racing on two of our best trails. The Ouachita Trail is known for its challenging climbs, vast technical sections, and scenic views of the Ouachita River. The Womble Trail (an IMBA Epic) is known for its fast trails and scenic views of the Ouachita Mountains and valleys.

With our many great sponsors and the support from numerous volunteer groups, we make every effort to assure you that your Ouachita Challenge Mountain Bike Adventure is a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Syllamo’s Revenge Mountain Bike Challenge @ Blanchard Springs
Apr 30 @ 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Syllamo's Revenge Mountain Bike Challenge @ Blanchard Springs

The Course will give riders 50 miles of dedicated single track, that has earned IMBA Epic status.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to test your skills and endurance on the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Unlike many mountain bike trails that have a limited area for trail construction, the Syllamo Mountain Bike Trail stretches over thousands of acres of the Ozark National Forest, and offers riders changing scenery and beautiful views of the White River and Sylamore Creek Valleys, and the Ozark Mountains.

Iron Mt 50 mile MTB Endurance Race and 28 mile MTB Tour @ Iron Mountain MTB Trails
May 7 @ 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Iron Mt 50 mile MTB Endurance Race and 28 mile MTB Tour @ Iron Mountain MTB Trails

Start will be at the Spillway Area.  The First 5.5 Miles will be on Pavement.  It will be a neutral roll out for the first 3.3 Miles the next 2 miles are on pavement, the final 2/10th are on a forest road.  The start loop will head east on Skyline drive, turn right onto Hwy 7, Tun right onto Channel Rd.  The release point to start racing,  will be the Channel Road Bridge below the dam. Racers will continue on Channel Road , turn Right onto Skyline Dr Ctoss the Dam, past the Army Corp visitors center and proceed to the 2nd Paved Drivway turn in.  There is a Small Concrete building visible from the road.turn right into the driveway and follow the marking on the forest road.  Down this Forest road about 800 yard will will turn right onto the Single track course.  This is the end of the start loop and the beginning of the main single track loop.

The Course is roughly 50 miles in length.  There will be a start loop as described above.  The Flow of the course once on the single track is Counter Clock Wise.  The Main loop will flow as follows:

Yellow to Green, Green to Orange, Orange to Blue, Blue to White, White to Orange, Orange to Green, Green to Yellow.  The Spillway Trail head will be the completion of Lap 1 for the Marathon as well as the completion of the 28 Mile Tour.

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