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The Race Director Speaks at the 2011 Raid the Rock Adventure Race.
The Race Director Speaks at the 2011 Raid the Rock Adventure Race.

One of the things that sets apart from other sites is our calendar of events. Race organizers and group leaders can put their events in the calendar of events for themselves. We then review and approve them for the calendar. We are already getting a lot of hits on the calendar but to make it really useful we need more events. This is where you come in.

We need you to help us get the word out to race directors across the state. Contact race organizers and group leaders you know and send them a link to this story. Best of all it’s NO charge to the event organizer or you the user.

Race Directors, Organizers and Group Leaders!
Arkansas Outside ( is a new e-magazine designed to promote outdoor participatory sports in Arkansas. We cover sports like running (trail & road), cycling (mountain & road), paddling (whitewater & recreational), triathlons, adventure races, climbing, hiking and backpacking.
The major feature of the site is a free calendar of events. It is a free service for participants, race directors and event organizers. We have Events Instructions to help you add your event or meeting to the site. Let us know if you have questions about doing this.
Why load your event on Arkansas Outside?
  • The more places you advertise your event, clinic or meeting, the more participants you get making races more profitable for you, your organization or any charities you support.
  • Many cyclists are also runners. Triathletes and adventure racers participate in multiple sports by definition. Being a one-stop shop for these athletes allows them to find out about races that may fall outside their primary interest. Again, your event is exposed to more potential participants.
  • Many smaller races don’t have the resources to create their own websites. Use ours. Once we approve the event you will have a unique url (webpage address) that you can tell people about.  If you have a site, you can add your webpage address and you’ll have a nice link on our site to yours.
  • Arkansas Outside is optimized to be picked up by Arkansans and race participants across the country. We have a strong and growing Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, You Tube and Flickr presence which directs thousands of people to the site every month to read our stories, race reports and to check our calendar of events. We also update information daily to keep people coming back.
  • Our mission is to bring awareness to Arkansas as a destination for outdoor recreation.
  • And lastly, it’s free advertising. Five minutes to load your event and you’ve done it.
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 What does Arkansas Outside get out of it?
  •  The more events we have on the site the more important the site is as a hub for outdoor recreation in Arkansas.
  • Creating content is very important to growing a website. We write stories about outdoor recreation and they usually include photos and video from events. Go to the site and you’ll see we are very involved with our subject matter. Your events are where we get a lot of our story ideas.
Please add your event as soon as you have the details. We often promote these events through social media one or two weeks before the event to help get the word out.
You may find that your event/s are already loaded. We have put some up to populate the calendar. We are lucky enough in Arkansas to have so many events/races that we could never get them all loaded. Let us know if you need some edit on those or logos added. Let us know if you have questions or need help.
Event AdsAlso, please consider advertising on the site. We have some very inexpensive, short term options designed with race directors in mind. Thank you for adding to the recreational opportunities in Arkansas.

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