Came across this photo…

Norfork Adventure Supply
Ozarks Cave

…it was taken by the Chief Photographer for Parks and Tourism, Chuck Haralson. (That’s me pointing a camera in the wrong direction). We had gone to the Ozark Folk Center State Park last year to do a photo shoot for the new park Web site and brochure.  This place doesn’t have a name that I know of but it does have a couple of waterfalls and this great cave.  To get there you have to know right where to park the car north of Blanchard Caverns and right where to jump the guard rail to get to the trail.  We plan to go back soon and get lots of photos.  For now we have to live with this beauty.

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  1. Joe – If I remember correctly it’s on 341 North of Big Flat. It was on the right side of the road as you head north but that is about all I can remember.

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