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REUTERS/John Lehmann --- Image by © Reuters/CORBIS
REUTERS/John Lehmann — Image by © Reuters/CORBIS

We are a car-centric society but we don’t have to be. We do need our elected officials and various government managers to understand that our transportation infrastructure needs to keep up with the demands of citizens who don’t feel that they should be forced to own a car to live in our cities. Walking/biking paths and trails are inexpensive (when compared with what has to be built for auto traffic) solutions to many transportation issues in and around cities. The graphic below does a good job conveying some of the current numbers involved in our transportation system.

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Many of our roads in central Arkansas have become barriers for moving around the city. Some roads are nearly impossible to walk across without going up to a mile out of your way to find a crosswalk. This is hurting commerce as even motorists find that they prefer to only visit shops and restaurants on the side of the road they are traveling since getting back across traffic is dangerous. Imagine the problems someone on foot or bicycle have. A walkable/bikeable city improves the quality of life and encourages sustainable growth more than larger, wider roads.

Make sure you let your elected officials and city managers know that our transportation systems, including roads, are suppose to be for moving people, not just cars.



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