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You want to build a carbon bike frame? Obviously, you start in Arkansas. Great story and video from Road Bike News on how Allied Cycles builds them right here in the Natural State.

So exactly how is a carbon bike frame made? The stock answer is something along the lines of, it comes out of a massive factory in Asia and is then shipped to the U.S. on a container ship. And for the most part that’s true. But not everyone has accepted that norm. Indeed, the small team at Allied Cycle Works in Little Rock, Arkansas, takes a different approach.

“We dreamt that we could be successful designing, building and selling bikes that we loved without sacrificing our values: We are a premium American bicycle brand that actually engineers and manufactures our own products, right here in the USA, because it matters,” they say. “Our goal is not only to make our bicycles here, it is to make them better and to prove to the world that composite bicycles can be produced in the USA.”

To hammer home that point they made this informative video that walks you through the entire process. Whether you care about where…(more)

Source: How is a carbon bike frame made? | Road Bike News, Reviews, and Photos

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