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Funny thing happened…

… at the Little Rock St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Last year I was in a night group ride that took about 17 cyclists through the heart of downtown Little Rock.

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Mullet Run - Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs

Where the heck have I been?

Here, like always. Besides a pretty good bit of indoor workouts on the bike trainer and some weight work we got out to Burns Park in North Little Rock this

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Gotta Love a New Trail

So Lisa and I headed out this weekend to do a little workout at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We have been doing what we call the around, up and over

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All Sports Productions - Legend Highlands

An Outside Christmas

Christmas is a special time for us. We are not really into a lot of traditions (this year we didn’t even do a tree or lights). I wonder what the

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A Bicycle Friendly Community…

I was privileged to attend the recent ceremony at the Little Rock City Hall where Ken Gould presented the award of an Honorable Mention as a Bicycle Friendly Community by

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The Community Bicyclist

Color me Fall!

Well, Some will say that fall color was a bit of a bust this year. Of course some years you just have to know where to look. I was up

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New Trail in Southeast Arkansas!

Southeast Arkansas sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s not real hilly and many areas have been cleared for farming and are pretty treeless. But there are some wonderful pockets of

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It’s been a whole week!

Sorry, I meant to get a post up about the rest of last weekend and blew it. It’s been a busy week around here. I mean it’s almost Halloween, parties

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Very Rugged Weekend

Sometimes I get a bit carried away. This weekend was one of those times. The plan — Leave early on Friday and go to Daisy State Park on Lake Greeson

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She’s Back!!!

(I noticed that the last couple of posts were about weather. How boring. So I’ll now move on to important things, GEAR!) My mountain bike is out of the shop.

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