Trump ends government shutdown…for now – SNEWS

It's not over. Even though President Donald Trump has reached a deal to open the federal government after a historic 35-day stalemate, it's only temporary. News reports indicate that lawmakers get three weeks to reach a decision on Trump's demands for funding a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.Since the government came to a standstill on Dec. 22, national parks, tourism-based economies, … [Read more...]

Coler Mountain Bike Preserve

With 250 miles of natural-surface trails, Northwest Arkansas has risen as a premiere mountain biking and public recreation destination. And now, it’s cementing its status with the Coler Mountain Bike Preserve. Located on a pristine, nearly 300-acre site just a five-minute bike ride from downtown Bentonville, Coler offers visitors the opportunity to engage in active recreational experiences while … [Read more...]

Songs of the Buffalo | Buffalo National River Partners

Below is an excellent way to support the advocacy work of the Buffalo National River Partners in protecting a signature natural resource in The Natural State. Excellent songs for your next road trip to the Buffalo. This album is a collection of original songs about the Buffalo River in northern Arkansas. Several singer/songwriters throughout the Ozarks contributed to this album, which … [Read more...]

Access Fund Awards $10,000 in Grants to Replace Aging Bolts – Access Fund

Some good news in the climbing world coming from the Access Fund. Bolt replacements are coming at Sam's Throne. Full story below. Access Fund and The American Alpine Club are pleased to announce the 2017 Anchor Replacement Fund grant awards. Now in its third year, the grant program was launched to address the growing concerns of anchor failure and the access issues that could result from … [Read more...]

Making the Connection in Northwest Arkansas

(The Grand Opening with all the ribbon cutting and speechifying will be happening on May 2, 2015. Plus a lot more fun stuff including hikes and bike rides) Commuting to work is a drag. Our nation’s highways were not designed to soothe the soul. But many residents in Northwest Arkansas have an alternative to starting their daily grind off on the wrong foot. The Razorback Regional Greenway … [Read more...]

Pre-Gobble Wobble

It's that time of year again when we meet with family and friends, some of whom we may only see once or twice a year, to gather round a table spread with treats and meats galore. The early risers start rolling out dough and basting birds. Many of us spend our day eating, drinking and making merry until we can't move from our chairs, or someone has to move to give Uncle Mike the heimlich or break … [Read more...]


Geocaching? What the heck is that? Geocaching is the sport/hobby/obsession of using a GPS device to locate "caches" placed throughout the world. These "caches" can be anything from a small film vial with nothing more than some paper to log a visit to a full size ammo box that tends to collect anything from happy meal toys to geocoins and travelbugs. These coins and bugs are trackable, numbered … [Read more...]


Ha Ha, you thought I was going to write about bad drivers. No, just mountain biking. L and I went to Camp Robinson to change up the routine. How's this, Freeway, Ten Bridges, Airport Loop, Helter Skelter, Flatlands, Dead Elvis (Thank you very much), Can O'Corn, West Boundry Road, Freeway, Yucca, Outerloop, Porta Potty, Yucca, Freeway? It came to almost 18 miles and felt good. Lots of … [Read more...]

Lake Fort Smith State Park

I'm sure I've talked about Lake Ft. Smith State Park here before. About 6 years ago the original park was closed to make way for a larger lake to supply Fort Smith with more water. Arkansas State Parks and the City of Fort Smith have been working to reopen the park in a new location. The park is now about 9 miles north of Mountainburg, Arkansas on highway 71.Next to the new Visitor Center is a … [Read more...]

Well, I did it….

...I skipped an entire month of posting. How do these things happen? Sometimes I get too busy being outside and promoting it in other ways to sit down and talk about it here. For those few who check in on a regular basis, sorry. Now on to the outdoors.It all started with a double-whammy weekend. First, the Cane Creek Lake Trail was finally Early last month I had a double dedicated. This is a … [Read more...]