Central Arkansas Adventure Sports Enthusiasts…

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CAASE…or CAASE for short. Seems we have a new group meeting in Central Arkansas. As the Web site says, “This is a free group dedicated to helping fellow enthusiasts prepare and train for adventure sports through group activities which range in difficulty from beginner to advanced.” Sounds great.  The group was formed by adventure race organizer Brandon Butler of Ozark Extreme Adventure Racing.  The group typically organizes three or four adventure races each year most aimed at people who want to give adventure racing a try.  This year, the three sprint races were hosted by Arkansas State Parks. The first one was at Cane Creek State Park near Star City, AR and the second was at Village Creek State Park near Wynne, AR. Coming up in August is the final sprint race at Devil’s Den State Park just south of Fayetteville, AR. CAASE looks like a wonderful way to get ready for the upcoming race.

CAASE meets once a week and has more of a workout feel to it than a real meeting.  Last week they did some running and this week (Thursday, July 30th @ 6:30 pm) will be a mountain bike ride starting at Cooks Landing in North Little Rock and riding to Alsopp Park for some off road riding. The group welcomes all levels of athletes, beginner to advanced. You can get more information at their Web site or on their facebook page.  No more excuses!

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  1. Just as a reminder, Central Arkansas Adventure Sports Enthusiasts (CAASE) is really more of a training group that is focused on getting its members ready for adventure sports events by motivation through a group atmosphere. Its a free group with no membership fees.

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