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Where the rubber meets the road, that sharp edge as a wheel cuts a turn. A machine, parts moving, driven by the flesh and blood motor, all in chaotic motion to generate forward movement is attached to the constant of the tarmac…and yet not attached.

RVBCrit-33A warm Spring evening, the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with the sweet, organic scents of nearby standing water. The cottonwood trees shed their soft seed on the gentle breeze. All is quiet, slow motion, the scene is best taken in by an easy turn of the head…and then…

Movement is caught between the trees, a humming sound reaches your ear, a man-made sound accentuated by clicks. You stand at the side of the road feeling the calm of the moment when suddenly the tranquility is ripped to shreds as the bikes fly past you, just inches away. You scream, “Attack! Attack! Attack!” The blur of color, sound and wind passes you in a split second.

Calm…you turn back to a momentarily ignored  friend and repeat an earlier insistence, “what a great night to be at the races.”

RVBCrit-59The Tuesday night Ronde van Burns Criterium Races began last night and is presented by The Panty and Central Arkansas Velo (CARVE)  every Tuesday through June 17th near the soccer fields at Burns Park in North Little Rock.  The races start at 5:15 and consist of 3 races each night and are very spectator friendly, bring a lawn chair and your own food and beverages, watching is free. (No open containers of alcohol allowed in the park.)

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If you’d like to try your hand at criterium “crit” racing, check out the CARVE Criterium Introduction Classes.

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RVBCrit-136175 photos from Tuesday night are available on our Facebook Page, please share, tag, download and comment all over them.

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