Cranksgiving in June

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THVSCD15Well heck, why not? If you can have Christmas in July, you can certainly have Cranksgiving in June.

Next month, starts THV-11’s and the Arkansas Foodbank Cereal Drive. THV-11’s “This Morning” show and the Arkansas Foodbank Cereal Drive have been teaming up every summer since 2000 to help those in the Foodbank’s 33-county service area have food to eat for breakfast. The cereal drive is a friendly competition to see which business, organization and community can donate the most cereal during a four-week period.


Since it started in 2000, more than one million boxes of cereal and other breakfast items have been collected and distributed to food pantries and feeding sites.

Summer brings high demand for area food banks. Nearly half of the children in our country receive breakfast and lunch through free or reduced cost programs offered during the school year. When the school year ends, these programs stop and the need for assistance from area food banks soars.

More than one in four of children in Arkansas face a constant struggle against hunger, that’s 200,000 children in Arkansas are at risk of hunger and not getting the food they need to lead healthy, active lives


This year, Cranksgiving – Little Rock and Spokes Little Rock will be teaming up to see which local bike club can donate the most boxes of cereal. The winning bike club will have a local food truck (unannounced) come feed them for FREE after one of their Saturday rides.


What Counts as Cereal*?

  • Dry cereal – boxes OR bags, 8oz. or more (Think Nutritious!)
  • Cereal/Breakfast Bars
  • Pop Tarts
  • Oatmeal
  • Cream of Wheat
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*One box of cereal can feed a single child for nearly one full week.

Please bring your cereal items to either Spokes location on Kavanaugh Blvd or Main St., starting June 1st through June 26th.

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