Danny MacAskill Dropping off a Red Telephone Booth

Danny MacAskill is Trying To Break Stuff Again

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Several years ago, Danny MacAskill took to the task of trying to destroy a set of Santa Cruz Reserve carbon wheels. Eventually, he did. Shortly after I saw the video I was I came to the conclusion that I needed a new set of wheels for my Specialized Stumpjumper, go figure. After having Dave Larson of Angry Dave’s Bicycles in North Little Rock build a set up of these nearly indestructible wheels and immediately fell in love with them.

So now, Danny is back trying to destroy another sponsor’s product. Although I’m not currently in the market for a phone case, I’m sure someone out there is. Either way, it’s always fun to watch Danny work. Below is the news release and video. Watch to the end to see him finally beat the Mous Phone Case.

Street trials and mountain bike rider Danny MacAskill loves listening to music on his phone as he performs tricks on his bike. With his phone stored in a pocket, it often ends up flying out, so it’s no surprise that Danny has been a fan of London-based tech accessory brand Mous for years now. His last four cases have been from Mous, and for good reason; the extreme protection can be relied on to keep his phone in one piece when it falls out. Danny and the brand’s creative and product teams put their heads together to come up with all sorts of exciting stunts to launch their partnership and give their latest products the ultimate test. They wanted to show just how protective and how functional Mous products are with the most extreme of real-life testing:

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Danny and the Mous team went to Edinburgh where he honed his street trials skills and knows the best riding spots so he was prepared with plenty of ideas. He was also able to point out different places he’d broken his phone while riding before he got his first Mous case.

Their latest product ecosystem, IntraLock™ removes the need for a device to be stored in a pocket at all. The IntraLock™ bike mount attaches to the handlebar and the ultra-protective Evolution phone case securely connects to it so riders can keep cycling with and listening to their favorite soundtracks more confidently than ever.

The British brand has a long history of extreme drop testing. They’ve dropped iPhones in their cases from 45ft cranes, 100mph ziplines, and even from space. Crazy stunts are at the core of what Mous do and this fits perfectly with Danny, who thrives on pushing his creativity to the limit.

In preparation for the shoot, the Mous team designed and constructed all sorts of contraptions. They built a bridge from 15 back-to-back phones for Danny to ride across and a catapult capable of sending a phone 30ft into the air – Danny couldn’t wait to get on his bike and get testing. Once the shoot was underway, his excitement only grew. “They really do push their products until they break!” he said. “I’ll never get used to smashing a phone against concrete, however protective I know the case is.”

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Balance Check
I suppose, while checking your balance, the last thing you can think about is if your phone is safe. Photo courtesy of Mous

First up, Danny did some target practice from the iconic red telephone boxes in the Royal Mile dropping directly onto several devices protected by Mous cases. He used a MacBook Pro as a ramp to jump a wall and thoroughly tested Mous’ new IntraLock™ bike mount by jumping off railings and riding stairs. Danny was impressed by the secure attachment of the bike mount, and all devices survived without a scratch until they faced the final test, a giant catapult. After four or five extreme launches into the air, the phone finally met its match. “I think that’s finally done it, she’s finally dead and so is the catapult by the looks of things. But fair play, I’ve probably dropped this 30 times today. I’ve been well impressed.”

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Once the shoot wrapped up, Danny said, “I had so much fun getting creative in Edinburgh with the Mous team. We’re both extremely passionate about content so it was great to shoot with the in-house brand’s content team and get some epic shots. I’m truly impressed by their authenticity and the lengths they go to rigorously test out their products. I am stoked to have Mous as the perfect partner and I can’t wait to see where the collab goes!”

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