End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival

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Fayettechill announces the End of Summer Daze lifestyle festival, August 22-24.


End of Summer Daze was created out of love for the Ozark outdoor community. Fayettechill aims to create and share experiences for all that want to enjoy the Ozarks, so we created a 3­day camping festival to make sure everyone has the chance to make the most out of their final Summer days. The purpose of this festival is to offer an option to “leave it all on the table” for friends, families, and community organizations to enjoy the outdoors together as Summer ends and Fall rolls around. To allow yourself and your friends to camp, hike, ride, explore, and play outside one last time before the responsibilities of school, work, and holidays come back into full swing. End of Summer Daze will offer its patrons a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation & athletic events, holistic living & community, music & entertainment and artistic stimulation. Each event in these categories will be created by the community, for the community.

We’ve assembled a passionate and hard­working coalition of businesses and non­profit organizations to help produce End of Summer Daze. Each business involved in the event’s production is owned and operated by socially active professionals in the outdoor community: Hazel Valley Ranch (event host and co­producer), The Path Outfitters (longboarding, sustainability, and co­producer), Native Nectar (holistic living and co­producer), and Beatnik Entertainment (music, entertainment, co­producer). These businesses represent the core of End of Summer Daze production but more businesses and organizations join each day. Each of Fayettechill’s partnered non­profit organizations will be represented for interested individuals: Buffalo River Foundation, Ozark Offroad Cyclists, Arkansas Climbers Coalition, Trout Unlimited, Ozark Highland Trail Association, & REfresh will be represented via event tents as well. Through this collection of businesses and non­profits, the Ozark’s outdoor culture will be strongly represented in action at End of Summer Daze.

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More information on the event can be found on the End of Summer Daze Facebook Event page, the Fayettechill Basecamp store (329 N. West Ave, Fayetteville, AR), or through any of our partnered businesses. Tickets for the event are $100 for VIP (includes shower access, A/C bathroom access, forest/stage camping, and lodge access) and $65 for General Admission. This price includes 48 hours of outdoor recreation over 2 nights of camping on 300 acres of private ranch property, live music, participation in professionally led outdoor event activities, and most importantly an experience with the most amazing friends you have not yet met. Group discounts and event sponsorship is available upon request. This event highly values quality over quantity and therefore tickets will be limited to 300. Tickets are available for immediate purchase online.

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More info in the flyer below:


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