33rd Annual Ozark Mountain Bike Festival

April 1, 2022 – April 3, 2022 all-day
Devils Den State Park
Devil's Den State Park
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The 33rd Annual “Anniversary” Rides hosted by Devil’s Den State Park

For 3-decades, mountain bikers have gathered on the banks of Lee Creek for a weekend celebrating the magical Ozark Mountains and the trail system that started it all… the Fossil Flats Trail.

Friday, April 1st

2:30 pm FOSSIL FLATS – Celebrate 33 years of mountain biking at Devil’s Den with a ride on one of the first mountain bike trails in the state. Meet TIM SCOTT & BOB CABLE at the Fossil Flats Trailhead in Campsite “A” near site 15. SPEED: Beginner to Intermediate DISTANCE: 6 miles


7:30 pm FOSSIL FLATS – Join NATHAN HUDGENS AND MIKE BIONDI for the annual Devil’s Den NIGHT Ride and a ONCE A YEAR experience as the trails normally close at dark! SPEED: Beginner to Intermediate DISTANCE: 6 miles START & END: Fossil Flats Trailhead in Campsite “A” near site 15 NOTE: All riders must have TWO sources of light, and please use good judgment if considering taking children.

Saturday, April 2nd

8:00 am-5:15 pm MOUNTAIN BIKE SKILLS CLINIC-  Join Ozark Bike Guides for this fundamentals bicycle clinic. This progressive series of four clinics will teach you the skills to tackle any trail on your mountain bike.  We start with fundamentals, dive deep into cornering, hop over to wheel lifts and riding drops, and combine everything to get airborne in Jumping 101.  You can register for one class or all four.  There is an $80 fee for each session.  Act fast; there are only 12 spots available.  100% of the proceeds are donated to Devil’s Den and Ozark Off-Road Cyclist.  So not only will you be learning new usable skills, but also be helping two great organizations.  This event will take place in the day-use area past the pool. Click for more information.

To register, go to Ozark Bike Guides.

Slow Race - Last one to the finish line wins.
Slow Race – The last one to the finish line wins.

8:30 am BIKE DEMO– Ever wanted to pedal an Eminent, Transition, or Norco? PTD/THE HUB will have mountain and E-bikes available to test ride. Find BRODY JENSEN at the Fossil Flats Trail in Area A. He will hook you up!  He may even have coffee!

9:00 am “THE WHITE SQUIRREL” FAMILY RIDE at FOSSIL FLATS – Join FLIP PUTTHOFF and BOB CABLE on a family-friendly adventure searching for the elusive White Squirrel on some of the earliest Arkansas single track! SPEED: Novice DISTANCE: 3 miles START & END: Fossil Flats Trailhead in Campsite “A” near site 15.

9:30 am: OORC’s RISH DIV and ROB RENO will lead you on this inaugural ride pedaling the new Monument Trails. You will travel the entire outer loop, including the downhill trail Sparky. Scenic and challenging, which makes for an inspirational morning ride. SPEED: Intermediate DISTANCE: 12 miles START: The Devil’s Race Track Trailhead at the bridge near Ellis Creek. END: Campground A.

10:30 am ANNUAL LADIES RIDE on FOSSIL FLATS – Sorry, bros, but this ride is for the ladies! Join seasoned mountain bikers MORGAN HOUSE and ALLIE CORLETT for our Annual Ladies ONLY Ride. Ask questions; these knowledgeable cycling enthusiasts will gladly help you improve your biking skills. SPEED: Beginner to Intermediate DISTANCE: 6 miles START & END: Fossil Flats Trailhead in Campsite “A” near site 15.

11:00 am BEGINNER RIDERS WORKSHOP at FOSSIL FLATS – NICA COACHES HB FINK AND STEVE PEREIRA will focus on riders’ basic bike handling skills and ascending/descending while negotiating rugged terrain. You have to be back by noon for the BIG SPLASH. SPEED: Beginner DISTANCE: 4+ miles START & END: Fossil Flats Trailhead in Campsite “A” near site 15.

12:00 Noon LEE CREEK SHENNANIGANS at the LEE CREEK CROSSING – The “BIG SPLASH” is back!! We’ll take a mid-day break with spectator-friendly Mountain Bike competitions featuring the Lee Creek Water Crossing, including a “Cannonball” big splash contest … in the creek! A costume will get you extra points.

1:30 pm. NEW TRAIL, OLD TRAIL – JOIN FORMER ARKANSAS STATE PARKS DIRECTOR GRADY SPANN and REVENUE MANAGER AND ARKANSAS OUTSIDE EDITOR JOE JACOBS on a mountain bike escapade that will include portions of the new Monument Trails and historic Fossil Flats. This ride will include the Gold Brick, Devil’s Race Track, Dollar-A-Day, and Racer’s Hill. SPEED: Beginner+ to intermediate DISTANCE: 7 miles START& END: Fossil Flats Trailhead Area A.

2:00 pm KIDS SKILLS CLINIC– Develop your cycling skills with NWACC’s SGA and NATHAN HUDGENS on our beginner-friendly obstacle course with skinnies, teeter-totters, and more! START & END: Campsite “A” near site 14. Thanks, FAST RACK, for the toys.

2:30 pm INTERMEDIATE GROUP RIDE at FOSSIL FLATS– Join JONATHAN SEBRING and BOB CABLE for this brisk group ride on portions of Hwy. 74, the Historic Butterfield Hiking Trail and Fossil Flats including the day’s longest descent, ascent, and mileage SPEED: Intermediate DISTANCE: 15 miles START & END: Fossil Flats Trailhead in Campsite “A” near site 15.

4:00 pm “THE HALL/WEST MEMORIAL” POKER RUN at FOSSIL FLATS TRAIL – Join NICK BIONDI, REBEKAH MANN, THOMAS, and EMILY BESHEARS, CHRISTIAN JOHNSON, CALLIE STOLTZFUS, and young ELLIOTT JOHNSON as we conclude the day’s search for The White Squirrel on this family-friendly ride to four different stops, collecting cards to build a poker hand. The poker run is in honor of these two members of the mountain bike community that left us in 2019. So take your cards to the Cookout at 7 pm, where the best hands will win sweet swag! SPEED: Novice DISTANCE: 3 miles START & END: Fossil Flats Trailhead in Campsite “A” near site 15.

7:00 pm The 33rd ANNUAL OZARK MOUNTAIN BIKE FESTIVAL COOKOUT at the LEE CREEK PAVILION Hosted by DEVIL’S DEN STATE PARK – Celebrate the 33rd annual mountain bike festival with longtime CHEF DARRELL COX cooking chicken on the grill–thanks to DAVID VANSANDT and SIMMONS for the food donation. As always, we will make ice cream. So bring your cards from the poker run to claim your swag!

Sunday, April 3th

10:00 am LAKE FORT SMITH STATE PARK.  Meet PARK RANGER, SHAWN GRIFFITH in the Visitor’s Center parking lot for a 12-mile moderate pace ride and an excellent chance to explore the park’s mountain bike trails.

REMEMBER: The Monument Trails has some challenging areas, and Fossil Flats terrain is rolling and rocky with two potential creek crossings – Rides are considered “No Drop” unless noted – Please choose rides within your limitations

Helmets are REQUIRED for all participants – Please yield to foot and horse traffic – If you leave a group ride, tell the guide, and THANK YOUR GUIDE!

The Community Bicyclist


If you are interested in the history of this event, Here is our article from the 25th Anniversary in 2013.

How low can you go? Still a popular game at mountain bike events.
How low can you go? Still a popular game at mountain bike events.


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