ALL Cross – Cyclocross for Everyone

December 4, 2021 all-day
Railyard Bike Park
299 E Cherry St
Rogers, AR 72756
ALL Cross - Cyclocross for Everyone @ Railyard Bike Park | Rogers | Arkansas | United States

ALL Cross – Cyclocross for Everyone

ALL Cross – Cyclocross for Everyone will have series points earned at each race resulting in overall series winners. Points will be allotted as follows:

Riders must race in at least 3 races for the overall series. Series prizes will be awarded at the series end party.

Points are awarded 18 deep in each race. Points schedule is: 26,20,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1

Males and females will be scored separately.

Ties will be broken by Breakaway Cycling Team’s standard series tie-breaking rules.

In case of a tie on total points, the tie will be broken in favor of the rider who has:

  1. The most first-place finishes or, if still tied, the most second-place finishes, etc., or if still tied;
  2. The highest placing in the last race, or the race nearest the last race of the omnium in which at least one of the tied riders placed.

A post-series party will be held to announce and reward the overall series winners and plus gives us another excuse to party with everyone again as we prepare for the upcoming UCI WORLDS Cyclocross Championship. Basically, a post-party and pre-party are all in one.


  1. Have fun
  2. Smile
  3. Be nice
  4. This is a grassroots event. Various types of bikes will be allowed within each race category. So “run what you brung”. We are here to have fun. Reference rules #1 and #3
  5. Juniors can race in other categories not labeled as a junior if they so choose
  6. Insert USAC Rules here

What is All Cross?

ALL Cross is a 4-event series featuring unique courses and venues taking place in Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, and Springdale. Each event will feature short skills clinics followed by micro-cross racing. We developed a series of events to accommodate those new to cyclocross all the way to advanced riders.

We also have a strong emphasis on the local community and bringing in spectators to experience the most spectator-friendly cycling event that is basically a party within a party for all ages.

What is micro-cross?

Micro-cross is shortened version of a full cyclocross course. By holding micro-cross racing, it allows for a more attractive and exciting environment that accommodates various levels of riders and all types of bikes including mountain bikes, gravel bikes, cyclocross, and hybrid bikes.

What is cyclocross?

Typical cyclocross courses are 1.5- to 2-mile loops on a mix of paved and off-road surfaces over flat-to-rolling terrain. But what makes cross such a unique and challenging sport is that courses always include obstacles that force riders to dismount and run while carrying their bikes. It is a fusion of road and mountain with a sprinkle of BMX to equal intense fun and challenges that spark the love of riding! For example, most courses feature short, steep (often muddy) sections (who doesn’t like playing in the mud?).

Also, courses include a series of human-made barriers scattered around the course requiring riders to carry their bikes. It’s this combination of cycling, stunt riding, carrying, running, and scrambling over obstacles that makes cyclocross so exciting, such a phenomenal workout and so crazy much fun! Cyclocross is a perfect intro to cycling for riders because it provides a fun, safe, and positive environment that allows thriving at whatever level they are at. The sport also allows riders to develop further skills that can help in other cycling disciplines if they want to branch out. Cyclocross offers challenges in a fun way to build confidence and install the love of the bike. With courses being so spectator-friendly, riders get support from the sidelines from family, friends, fellow riders, and fans. The environment of practices, races, and the sport, in general, is laid back, supportive, and fun to create a one-of-a-kind experience for all riders.

Where is the Post Party?

Each event will have an after-party following the conclusion of the event. Please join us to continue the party after the event to build community and relationships-cause that is what cycling is about.

After Parties:

  • Fayetteville Puritan Coffee
  • Springdale Bike Rack Brewery
  • Rogers Onyx Coffee
  • Bentonville Bike Rack

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