A three-day mountain biking festival named after a Norse warrior will be held in November to help celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of Hot Springs’ new Northwoods Trail System.

The new three-day Güdrun Northwoods Mountain Bike Festival will combine a mountain bike expo, a group ride through downtown Hot Springs and the annual Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race that has been a feature of Hot Springs sports activities since 1992.

“We are inviting everyone to join us November 15 – 17 as we celebrate the anniversary of the opening of the Northwoods Trails with a weekend of mountain biking fun for all ages,” said Traci Berry, trails coordinator for Visit Hot Springs.

“The genesis of the Northwoods Trails goes back to the early days of the Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race, which began in 1992 where The Northwoods Trails are located today,” Berry said.” Following the events of 9/11 in 2001, the race was moved to Charlton Campground and then eventually to Cedar Glades Park where The Attila has been held each year since.

“In November 2018, the Northwoods Trails System was opened to the public. Now, with Phase One of the Northwoods complete and 15.7 miles of trails open, we introduce Gudrun.

“So — what, or who is Gudrun? Gudrun is a Germanic heroic legend. A warrior. A Viking!. Wife to Attila the Hun and later defeater of the Huns.”

The inaugural Güdrun Festival will incorporate these activities:

Friday, November 15 — The mountain biking community will join the Spa Running Festival Expo at the Hot Springs Convention Center with a day full of vendors and activities.

Saturday, November 16 — The Gudrun group ride will start from the Spa Running Festival Start Line, proceed through downtown Hot Springs into The Northwoods and continue on to Cedar Glades Park. There will be vendors, demos, food, music and more.

Sunday, November 17 — The annual Attila the Hun Mountain Bike Race will be held.

Phase One of Hot Springs’ new Northwoods Trail System was completed this spring, giving the city 15.7 miles of world-class mountain-bike riding.

Phase Two of the trails, when completed, will provide 44.6 miles of mountain bike trails that will be among the best in North America, according to Steve Arrison, CEO of Visit Hot Springs. A starting date on construction of Phase Two will be announced later.

The Northwoods Trail System mountain biking facility is located in the northern section of Hot Springs.

Visit Hot Springs began construction in November 2017 on Phase One of the Northwoods system, with assistance from Tom Walton, Steuart Walton, and the Walton Family Foundation.

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