Lisa and Ashley cross the finish line.
Lisa and Ashley cross the finish line.

The course is entirely on the Arkansas River Trail and is a 19-mile loop to the east and then a 7-mile loop to the west. The course crosses the Big Dam Bridge at Miles 1 and 18, the Clinton Presidential Bridge at Mile 9, and the Two Rivers Bridge at Miles 19 and 26. The course crosses the Start/Finish line going west at 19 miles. The course is mostly flat, except for the three bridges. The course is mostly paved trail. The course is USATF certified as AR13030DLP. See the Course tab for more detail.

All miles are clearly marked with tape – yellow going out and green coming back. There will be no mile signs. A trash box will be placed at every mile. Please carry your trash and dispose at the mile markers or aid stations. Mile 9 is prior to the Clinton Presidential Bridge going east. Mile 10 is on the Clinton Presidential Bridge on the return trip. Mile 18 is on the Big Dam Bridge going west. Mile 26 is on the Two Rivers Bridge.

Race starts at 7 a.m. Early Start at 5 a.m. available for those taking 6-8 hours to complete.

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