LOViT Mountain Bike Marathon Race

*A 48 mile Point to Point challenge with 5000ft of climbing. 40 of it single track, 6 miles of scenic dirt roads, and 2 mile of pavement in the start loop. All distances are approximate *Route may vary depending on weather or unforeseen circumstances.

*$3100 in Marathon. Top 10 Men Overall : 500,400,300,200,100,50,50,50,50,50. Top 5 women: 400,300,200,100,50,

*Bonus: Top 40+ Men $100, Top 40+ Women $100 Top SS -$100.

*Top 3 in each class recognized.

*Event raffle to all participants

*Event Swag

*Post-race meal

*Post race beverages


Fast time 4-4.5 hrs, Avg 5-6, Adventure pace 7-8 *Time Limit 9 Hrs.

AID: Miles 18, (*28,33) 38  and 48@finish(shuttle pick-up) *Mile 28,33 are very close together and will serve as one aid spot.

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