The event you’ve been waiting for!

Most of you are aware that the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation (APRF) is in the process of building a new Monument Trail System at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. If you’ve ridden or hiked the Monument Trails at Hobbs or Mount Nebo State Parks, you know how special these trails are.

While these trails remain off-limits to general use (no hiking, riding, or running without the express permission of APRF) you now have the opportunity to be among the first trail users. That is if you are a CATA member.

The rides/runs/hikes will be a part of the CATA Monday Night Rides for the first 3 Mondays of August and will begin at the Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitor Center.

Special thanks to the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation and Arkansas State Parks for this wonderful opportunity.

Details on the routes and distance will be announced at the events as trails become available but we do know that there will be several miles of trails available for riding including some downhill routes and cross country routes. A waiver available at the event must be signed before going out on the trail.

How to get on a ride/run/hike

To join a ride you’ll first need to make sure you are a CATA Member:

Don’t get lulled into thinking you’re a member of CATA. We appreciate that you follow us in various forms but these DO NOT make you a legit member of CATA:

You are NOT a member…

COVID-19 Requirements for the event

We will be following state guidelines for social distancing and other protections to slow the spread of COVID-19. Please do not argue with the organizers about this. We will be on state property and we will follow the rules laid out by the Governor.

Thanks for your help with these simple requirements.

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