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It’s the time of year in Arkansas when the Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure is in full marketing mode. We all want to “protect 2nd base” and have “no boobie left behind”. The Race for the Cure franchise is the largest series of 5K runs or fitness walks in the world. In the WORLD. An estimated 40,000 runners, joggers and walkers took to the streets of downtown Little Rock in 2012. The event shows no sign of slowing down its progression toward participation statistics larger than the population of  many towns in Arkansas. Anyone who has participated in a Race for the Cure event in a large city knows that it is a celebration of life, survivorship and memories. Even if you’re like AO contributor Leah Thorvilson and can finish the 5K in 17 minutes and change, you stick around to partake in all the sponsors and volunteers have to offer.

There are smaller events centered on the Race for the Cure platform. Coming up in September are the Pink Up the Pace race and the Fighfighters for the Cure: Hearts on Fire race.

It’s not just about breast cancer these days, although Save the Ta-Tas does get a lot of attention during October. The fight against blood cancers also looks to runners and walkers for support. You can Light the Night with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. And if you’re looking for a way to get personally involved in the fight, you can put on your gloves and get swabbed to see if you are a bone marrow donor match when you run or walk the Fighting Red 5K.

Expedition Ozark

Every year, money raised by these events goes toward funding research and to supporting  institutions and individuals who are fighting the good fight. We’ve told you how to get in Fighting Red Shape.

The Race for the Cure also provides the opportunity to start your own team to raise money and walk or run together in solidarity. Arkansas Outside contributor Ronda Stanger is co-captaining Team Camouflage this year made up of military service members, family, and friends and guess what?  You can be on their team too and help them raise more money! If you  feel generous but don’t want to run or walk, you could donate to Team Camouflage. Team Camouflage will give you a big Hooha! Find them and a list of other teams here. Simply click on the link and scroll down until you find Team Camouflage.

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