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Some of you may not realize that we recently added a Flickr page to our arsenal of information on playing outside in Arkansas.

Local residents coming out to great the intrepid racers.
Local residents coming out to greet the intrepid racers.

What we do is attend events (sorry if we missed yours we try to get to all we can) and take lots of pictures. When shooting a sporting event we often employ the “even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut” technique and just let the camera motor rip. So although we may use 3 or 4 photos in an article we have a lot left over. We know, if you’re in them you want them. Some may be a little blurry, or your head got cut off (hey sometimes the conditions are not exactly perfect for professional portrait photography see this post) but you know, the price is right…..FREE!

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So stop by the Flickr page and look for yourself or look for someone who’s face you can’t see and claim it as you. Or, just get inspired to try this event next time it comes around.

When you go to the page you’ll see a list of sets to the right, what better way to waste a day. Make sure to comment on them, like them, thumbs up them, favorite them, circle them, download them, whatever. Have fun! See you outside.

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