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This past Saturday Lisa and I went to an Adventure Racing Clinic in Burns Park. Lisa wanted to go to learn more about orienteering (the job I usually have during the race) and I wanted to help the organizer. It was a cool class and covered basics of gear, training, orienteering, a short mountain bike ride, some bike maintenance and a few tricks of the sport. Lisa has a new respect for giving me time to take proper bearings and will be helping me more with estimating distance traveled.

It was nice to see all the newbies there. We need more people in this sport and Arkansas is surely one of the best places in the country to adventure race.
Sunday took us to the Little Rock Zoo. We hadn’t been in years and you can tell that they are working hard to improve it. They are enlarging a lot of the animal areas including a badly needed larger elephant area. We had lunch in the new Cafe Africa and later stopped for some funnel cake. It was a great day to be outside and I’m happy to report that the zoo is not only alive and well but improving. We finished the day there with the raptor show. A few years ago a dosent at the zoo took us on an afterhours tour and we got to go in the raptor cage. Lisa got to feed a dead mouse to an eagle (hand feed!) and the little one got to feed a kestral. She recognized many of the birds in the show from our previous visit. It was like seeing old friends.

Just another great weekend to be outside in Arkansas!

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