Funny thing happened…

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… at the Little Rock St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Last year I was in a night group ride that took about 17 cyclists through the heart of downtown Little Rock. We had all of our lights and reflective clothing going full blast down President Clinton Avenue in the River Market. A couple of guys were on the sidewalk playing guitar for loose change. One of the other cyclists turned to the group and said, “It’s nice to see Little Rock getting a little weird.”

A year later my family decided to have an innocent little day watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade down in the same area of town. We figured we could park near the Old Statehouse and walk past the convention center to the parade route. Then we saw this guy:

Looks like the second annual Inksplosion was happening. Yes, we passed this guy walking across the street and saw hundreds of other tattooed folks milling about. So that was pretty cool.

The parade was good. We got there just in time for the start. Shriner cars, bagpipe bands, cool cars, horses and everyone throwing candy. Did I say horses? Near the end of the parade we saw the horse below totally freak out. First he started backing up. The police officer finally got a hold of him and got him moving in the right direction (over the Main Street bridge). Suddenly he took off running almost trampling a group of Mexican dancers, this horse blew on by a truck while pulling this wagon. Not something you see everyday. Nothing in the news about it later so I assume everyone was okay.

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After the parade we decided to take a walk through the River Market. As we were perusing some handmade jewelry, Lisa looked up and saw a bunch of roller derby girls skating in the pavilion. She bolted! We spent the next 45 minutes or so watching them do a little demonstration. After a while Lisa had to go, she couldn’t stand not being one of the ones on wheels. For those that don’t know, Lisa grew up (I use that phrase loosely) on 8 wheels. I think she could have taken any of these girls.

We did head over and check out a museum before we left. It’s always fun to ask the 12 year old in the back seat on the way home, “Did you see anything good today?”

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  1. I was out there that weekend too. It was good fun.
    I hope you all ate at the Flying Fish- That was the best food I’ve had in a resteraunt since I moved to Arkansas three years ago.

  2. Not that day but we have been there many times. Word is that Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen were seen there recently. I love a good shrimp Po-boy!

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