Getting Techie Outdoors

There you are on the trail, you’ve been moving along for the last hour not really paying attention to several different intersections along the way. You’ve taken the path you felt was right in your heart. Now that you’ve stopped for some water and some nourishment you realize, you have no idea where you are. So you pull out your trusty phone only to see that the Google map says that you are in the woods. That’s helpful.

Thanks Google.

Luckily, for those of us in Arkansas (and those who have an iPhone), we have a very helpful resource. Arkansas Cycling and Fitness has a wonderful, free app for iPhone only that lists many of the trails in the state. So as long as you have a cell phone signal, you can get that phone out and take a look at where you are in relationship to the trail. Of course you don’t have to wait until you are lost to use the app.

Map of Boyle Park Trails in Little Rock.
Map of Boyle Park Trails in Little Rock.

Besides maps other features include a local news feed and a list of upcoming mountain bike rides and even trail runs.

The app has been out for a while and had over 2500 downloads but Arkansas Cycling and Fitness recently brought the project in house which means that if you have the older version you will no longer get updates to the trails, news or rides. Daniel Lysk with Arkansas Cycling and Fitness in Sherwood recommends deleting the old one off your phone and re-installing it. The easiest way to find it is to search for “Arkansas Cycling & Fitness” in the iTunes store. They do not have plans for an app for Android or other mobile operating systems.

Another great reason for upgrading to the new app is that you will then be notified of newer versions. Daniel told us, “We plan to have version 2.0 available in the next 6 months.” They plan to include more extensive news updates in 2.0 and a layering ability for trail systems like the Camp Robinson Trails, which can get a bit confusing for riders new to the area.

So go ahead and get the new version before you head out on the trail. If you are visiting from out-of-state it would be a good idea to download it before your visit. And if you GPS trails on a regular basis please contact Daniel (dan at with updated .gpx files. We have a lot of trail in this state to get listed.

(BTW, if you are interested in another great outdoor app, check out the Arkansas State Parks app available for iPhone, iTouch and Android)