Getting warmed up for Earth Day 2009

Being outside is a really good thing!

As we approach Earth Day 2009 I just wanted to share a few stories that I have collected recently about the importance of our outdoor spaces. These are not necessarily about Arkansas but since we are the “Natural State” it seems that Arkansans saw the value of Nature at least as a marketing tool to appeal to some of our inherent needs. Check these out:

  • Natural Happiness – Why should we care about nature? Should we care about it for its own sake — or for our sake, because it happens to make us happy or healthy?
  • It’s Almost Earth Day, And Your Mother Could Care Less – Yippee, it’s almost Earth Day. The annual celebration of the best of our intentions to help change the world and save our planet.
  • Another Kind of Green Marketing – Green marketing. “Greenwashing.” Green is the hot color for marketers these days, but there’s an old-fashioned kind of green that most of us overlook: no, not money… trees.

Here are some ideas for getting outside this week:

  • Adventure Racing Clinic – Learn how to get into this awesome sport. You can do it and you wouldn’t believe the self-empowerment you get from completing your first adventure race. Come join us to learn more.
  • Sunset Kayak Tour – View the magnificent Delta sunset while listening to the sounds of nature all around you.
  • 1st Annual Lake Fayetteville Outdoor Festival – Don’t miss the first annual Lake Fayetteville Outdoor Festival, which will include the following events: Group mountain, road, and bike path rides, family hikes at the lake, all-day paddling — try out a new boat for free!
Have A Great Earth Day Folks!

The Community Bicyclist
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