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We wanted to give outdoor participants a little something extra and came up with an idea. When we are covering a race or other outdoor event we sometimes go all camera happy, sometimes taking hundreds of photos. We only use a few for our articles and so we have created some rather large libraries of photos. Not all are gems but they may be worth something to the participants. They are great for bragging rights or alibis. Instead of cluttering up our website (and eating up a lot of space and bandwidth) by posting them in the articles we are going to upload them to our Facebook and Google+ sites. We may add a Flickr or Picasa account, give us a little time.

So feel free to visit these sites and download whatever you want. We ask that you please share them to your pages, comment on them (be nice), and tell your friends, teammates and competitors about it. We have started by loading up images from Raid the Rock 2011 Adventure Race and Attila the Hun 2011 Mountain Bike Race.

Raid the Rock 2011 – Article   Google+   Facebook

Attila the Hun 2011 – Article   Google+   Facebook

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Also remember that our videos are available on our You Tube site.

Are these your kids?

Have a great weekend and get out and support a small business this weekend, you know, like outdoor shops, local bike shops, running shops, etc. And get me something nice. Happy Thanksgiving!

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