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An interesting opinion piece from High Country News. In a time when we as a country are so divided should we remain divided on how we experience the outdoors? How will we protect our access to these outdoor places that we enjoy in different ways if we can’t get along within our larger community? I certainly don’t have answers to these questions but I’d like to read your thoughts and tell us how you like to wander.

With the emergence of the video game Pokémon Go last summer, for example, many teens and young adults made their way for the first time into national parks, wildlife refuges and other natural areas to capture their virtual prizes. In turn, many older folks snorted that those young people were missing the point of nature.I’ve noticed a similar sentiment regarding other ways in which the younger generation spends time in the outdoors. Critics complain that young people take too many selfies, do not engage in enough self-reflection, pack inappropriate and expensive gear, and talk too much.

Source: Go ahead, wander your way — High Country News

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