Tim and Clarice Richards

Go! Mile Wednesday – Meet A Runner (Part 6) – Tim and Clarice

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gomile-box_animated_13With just over a week to go before the Go! Mile, ready or not….it’s Go! Time!! The training is in the bag now, so no need to stress. Maybe one more tune up at the track, otherwise just rest up and get ready to roll!! For our final “meet a runner” interview, we thought it would be fun to get some perspective from one of Little Rock’s running couples. Tim Richard is becoming a household name on the scene, notching top finishes at every race he has entered this season. His wife, Clarice, is not only his biggest fan, but an avid runner herself as well! Here’s what the young bucks had to say about their plans for this years Go! Mile, and running life for a couple who really like to get out and Go! together (like ram-a-lama-lama da-di-di-di-ding di-dong).

Tim and Clarice Richard
Tim and Clarice Richard

[Leah] You guys moved here just over a year ago, right? Not too long before the 2012 Go! Mile?

[Clarice] Yup! I think we got here mid-may and the Go! Mile was our first race in Little Rock…and the first time I ever finished higher than Tim in our age groups!

[Leah] What do you think about the running community here in Little Rock, and the Grand Prix series that takes place around the state?

[Clarice] We love it! We lived in Pensacola before, and there wasn’t much of a running community there. We love Go! Running and everyone we’ve met through the store.

[Leah] Do you (individually) feel that you are better prepared for the Go! Mile this year? If so, what has changed with your training and preparations?

[Clarice] I think so! I’m not training for any race in particular right now, but I’m still running more than I was this time last year. Maybe I’ll break 7 minutes this year!

[Tim] I’m in better shape than last year. I was focused on graduating Air Force navigator course and moving to Little Rock, so I had  stopped running competitively. I was actually surprised and happy with my time last year. 

[Leah] Tim, last year you finished as the 7th overall male. Do you plan to run for the win this year?

[Tim] I’ve never been known as much of a miler. 10k and 5k were my events in college, but I plan to go out with the top pack and hang as long as I can.  

[Leah] Do you guys get more nervous for your own race, or for each other’s races?

[Clarice] I definitely get more nervous for Tim’s races, especially his marathons. I get a little crazy trying to see him as many times as possible. I may or may not have run across a highway at the Marine Corps Marathon (his first one) to cheer for him one extra time. 

[Leah] Do you do much of your running/training together?

[Clarice] Tim will sometimes run the first quarter mile or so with me, but no…haha. We do try to run at the same time, and drive to Burns Park together.  I just run about half as far as he does in the same amount of time! 

[Leah] Who would you say, between the two of you, is more guilty of hitting snooze and opting for sleeping in, or who is more likely to encourage the other to get their butt out of bed and get to running?

[Clarice] Tim is usually the only one of us who ever gets out of bed for a long run at 6 am on a Sunday. He’s convinced me to get up a few times though.

[Leah] Have you ever been at an event like this, where both of you were running, but not at the same time, so that you could compete AND cheer for one another?

[Clarice] I think the Go! Mile is the only one. We were both on the Holy Cross Track and Field teams, but didn’t meet until after I quit my senior year, so we missed out on getting to cheer for each other.  Tim runs a lot more races than I do, and I get to watch him run a lot, so both of us being able to see each race is nice.

[Tim] Occasionally Clarice will run a race, and I will sit it out. It’s always fun to be the supporter, parking the car, collecting sweatshirts, etc.

[Leah] Do you talk race strategy with each other much? Or do you just show up on race day and each do your own thing?

[Clarice] A little bit, but not much more than what pace we are hoping to run. A rule of thumb for both of us is add 15 seconds to whatever pace we say.

[Tim] I will add some training advice to help  Clarice get ready for a race, but we each have our own routines the day of a race.  

[Leah] What is your favorite post race meal/munchie?

[Clarice] Chipotle or a sausage and cheese on a poppy seed bagel from Dunkin Donuts (no egg!) (delicious unhealthiness!)

[Leah] Are there any other “running couples” you would be interested in throwing down some bets with? As in which couple could have the best combined Go! Mile times?

[Clarice] The Siezcowskis!

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[Tim]  B-Ski and I usually take verbal jabs at one another to get through those early Sunday morning long runs. He’s been known to pull a few pranks (to my surprise I was officially registered as Timmy Richard at Hogeye). I think we should end the shenanigans once and for all with a 2v2 foot race at the Go! Mile!!

(What? You’re not registered yet, go ahead and get signed up for the Go! Mile. Also enjoy an evening of running with friends every Thursday night at the Go! Running Shop.)

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