Gotta Love a New Trail

Fleet Feet Little Rock

So Lisa and I headed out this weekend to do a little workout at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We have been doing what we call the around, up and over workout for the past couple of years out there. It consists of starting at the west summit parking lot (the day use area with the big playground) and then heading over near the boat ramp and running/walking the base trail. Then at the end of that we head up the east summit trail which is one of the steepest trails in the state. Once we reach the top of the mountain we do this falling with style run down the west summit trail and back to the car. When we are in good shape, without injury we can do it as fast as 45 minutes. Today we figured on an easy hour hike.

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The overall hike was uneventful but Lisa pushed me some on it so it was a good workout. Once we got to the finish I decided I wanted to see some of the new base trail. The base trail that has been there for years goes halfway around the base of the mountain on the east side. I had heard that they were working on a west side base trail that would allow hiking around the entire base. Lisa and I decided we would check it out.

It was great. A bit more strenuous than the other side of the base trail but not nearly as tough as the summit trails. It should be opening soon and I’ll let you know when that happens. Nice switchback and wildlife on this side. Once it opens it will be nice to run all the way around the mountain. Sorry there are no pictures, like I said, we just went out for a workout.

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