Handmade Bike Builders Returns for a 2nd Year

Handmade Bike Builders Returns for a 2nd Year

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The highly anticipated Master Bike Builders Show (MBBS) is set to make its return to Bentonville, Arkansas on September 14-15 this year. Following its successful debut last year, the show promises to once again captivate the local community and visiting riders with its showcase of custom handmade bike builders.

Enthusiasts are invited to witness the unveiling of unique and creatively crafted bikes across various categories including gravel, mountain bike (MTB), mountain bike suspension (MTB suspension), road, BMX, cargo, and more. The MBBS also extends a warm welcome to bicycling suppliers interested in joining the exhibition. Exhibitor booth rates are set at $550 for a 10×10 space, while admission remains free for all members of the public.

See more details at: www.masterbikebuildersshow.com

Register directly here: https://events.com/r/en_US/registration/master-bike-builders-show-2024-bentonville-september-921643


Some of the returning exhibitors for this year include James Bleakley’s Black Sheep Cycles and Vince Colvin with Chumba. James says “We are happy to be returning for the ‘24 show. The Bentonville location and venue are a perfect setting where the community and fellow builders make for a great time. It’s our favorite venue, being outdoors, and on grass, what a great way to spread the bike vibe!” Vince added “Having the venue right at the trailhead was a great way to get riders engaged with the show. Bonus, it offered the perfect chance to get some show bikes dirty after the event!!”

Exhibitor registration includes a reception on Friday night (Sept 13) and other activities. Zapata Espinoza, a Mountain Bike Hall of Famer, will be present to record interactions with each exhibitor. With his extensive experience and knowledge in the cycling industry, Zap has a unique ability to capture the stories and passions of each builder. Additionally, other top cycling media editors will be in attendance to cover the show and its builders.

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