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Happy New Year!

Link to Northwoods Trails, Hot Springs, AR.

We’ve turned into a couple of homebodies around here when it comes to celebrations. This year no parties, no drinking we didn’t even have any friends over to celebrate the beginning of the new year. The holiday season had been less than festive this year and we saw no reason to change for the new year.

But as we were sitting around watching television (probably some home improvement show) early in the evening Lisa came up with a brilliant idea. “Let’s celebrate the new year up on top of the Big Dam Bridge!”, she said. “Sure, it’s freezing and windy, what a great idea”, I returned. So she made up a thermos of hot chocolate gathered up the young one and at 11:30, off we went.

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There were only a couple of other small groups up there and none of them were there for long. The wind could practically take you off the thing. We drank our hot chocolate and posed for some photos at midnight and then beat it off there. Here is our proof:

The next morning Lisa and I decided that we had not had enough so we got the mountain bikes out and took a 16.5-mile ride on the river trail including the Big Dam Bridge. Half the ride was into that cold, cold wind. Nice workout.

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  1. You guys are CRAZY! What’s worse is that it’s getting hard to tell the difference between Lisa and McKenna when they aren’t standing up together. That too, will pass…

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