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It’s time to get your cowbell on. That’s right, the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series starts Saturday night in Little Rock. Racing under the lights at Kanis Park (you know, that park under I-630 at Rodney Parham Road). Plus a daytime race on Sunday morning at Reservoir Park (off Cantrell Road between Reservoir Rd and Mississippi). And yes, one of these beauties can be yours.

Ring our bell!
Ring our bell!

Why do you need a cowbell?

Because cyclocross is hard and the competitors need/deserve encouragement. Also, cyclocross is a cold weather sport and shaking a cowbell will help keep you warm. Here is a little more explanation on why you need one.

All Sports Productions - Legend Highlands

Cyclocross Cowbell from ArkansasOutside on Vimeo.

Why an Arkansas Outside cowbell?

First, because if you are reading this you’ll know the secret to getting one for FREE and Second, because you can get one at each of these two events so you don’t have to go shopping. Here’s how it works:

  1. Attend one of these first two events. (I’d recommend both but that’s because I like to have A LOT of fun.)
  2. Locate the Arkansas Outside banner/table.
  3. Be one of the first 25 people at each event to walk up to the table and,
  4. Say, “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” (If that doesn’t make any sense to you go back to the video above.
  5. Go out to the course and RING THAT BELL!
  6. Bring the cowbell to the next race and repeat step 5 through 6.
The Community Bicyclist
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