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Well I don’t really have a lot of injuries. Sure I fell on a log a few weeks ago and still have the bruise to prove it. I’m not healing like I did 100 years ago. I guess I don’t have injuries, I have reactions. My enemies, Poison Ivy and Chiggers.

Chiggers are nasty little creatures we have in the Southeast United States that like to attach themselves to the hair on my legs as I am running through the woods. Bug spray keeps them at bay for awhile but eventually I sweat it off, forget to reapply and start itching the next day. They like warm wet spots but generally stay south of the more sensitive parts of my anatomy. I have found that using a little bleach and water to wipe down immediately after being in the woods helps. A key place to watch for them is just under your sock line. They love my ankles and the backs of my knees. This past weekend I know I got some but they aren’t bothering me too much for I am way to focused on an enemy of mine for over 40 years, Poison Ivy!

Now it doesn’t look like much. Just a pretty little vine but always remember, “Leaves of three, let it be.” My problem is as I’m running through the woods in a race, trying to keep up with my wife who is hell bent on catching another team, a herd of deer or anything else that is moving faster than us while also reading a compass and taking bearings to keep us on track to the next checkpoint, I tend to forget about the vegetation that I am plodding through.

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It took two days after this weekends race and it hit. The inner thighs are torn up. I won’t go into all the gross stuff that this is causing me. The youngest put it best, “What’s eating your leg?”

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This past Spring I had it all over my ring finger. I think I had washed after getting in some on a photo shoot but neglected to remove the ring. I haven’t worn the ring since. So this is my second bout of it this season. I don’t have another adventure race scheduled until November so my hope is that it will be dormant by then. Wish me luck.

In the meantime I hope to go mountain biking tonight but it will depend on the ivy. I hate this stuff!


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