Into the Dark, Dark Woods

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It's a scary place but like one of Scooby-Dos friends, I was up for the challenge.
It's a scary place but like one of Scooby-Dos friends, I was up for the challenge.

Yesterday was such a beautiful day starting out with temperatures in the 60’s. At lunch time I found an excuse to run home and grab my bike and some gear for an after work ride. I thought it would be great fun to try out the bike cam with a couple of powerful bike lights at Pfeifer Loop near Cooks Landing in North Little Rock. I have a couple of Princeton Tec Switchback 3 lights and I planned to have one on the handlebars and one on my helmet.

After work I drove to the base of the Big Dam Bridge on the Little Rock side and set the bike up. I had picked up some shorts a short sleeve shirt and a light jacket forgetting that this is Arkansas and weather turns on a dime. The temps were already falling into the 40s and there was a strong wind. Oh well, it would be a short ride and once I got to the other side of the bridge I would quickly be protected from the wind by the woods.

Brrrrrrrr….. It was a cold ride across the bridge with few people out to catch the finale of a beautiful sunset but I soon made it to the other side. The main entrance to the Pfeifer Loop is at the base of the bridge. I often use it as a warm up on the way to Burns Park. At just under 2 miles long with no real hills and only a few roots it is fast and twisty and a great way to get the blood flowing. I recommend this trail to anyone as a first mountain bike trail to ride. Once you’re comfortable here (which should only take a couple of laps) try the Rabbit Ridge Mountain Bike Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. It’s shorter but has some slight elevation changes and more rocks and roots.

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The entrance looked a little scary as I stopped to make final light and camera adjustments and take a photo of the sign. I rode in…

Adventure Ozark 8-Hour Adventure Race

What incredible fun! I had plenty of light to ride by and the shadows gave the place a whole new look. As I weaved through the trees and vines I kept thinking that I would see some wildlife soon. A little over half way through I was wondering where it was. I’d seen everything from armadillos to skunks to herds of deer in these woods during the day, I had expected more at night. When suddenly I saw these girls:

Obviously the experiment with the lights and camera didn’t work out as well as hoped. The very wide angle lens picks up a lot of darkness. On the other hand, I feel much more comfortable riding with lights at night. Next time I’ll try it on some more serious trail.

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  1. Joe – I rode Pfeifer Loop last week at night for the first time. It definitely is a WAY different feeling than riding it during the daytime. Even though you can’t ride as fast during the daytime, you feel like you’re going pretty fast with the limited visibility. I found that I also I have to ride by “feel” more than being able to see exactly what is in front of me.

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