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Sorry, I meant to get a post up about the rest of last weekend and blew it. It’s been a busy week around here. I mean it’s almost Halloween, parties must be planned and attended, front yards turned to grave yards, etc. So back to the story:

After our exciting day of rugged triathlons and Halloween decorating I decided to go on a mountain bike ride the next day with some of our friends. Lisa was going to stay home and rest up. Sunday morning I got up and was wishy-washy about going for the ride. It would be a mountain bike ride on the Ouachita Vista Trail near Mt. Ida. I really wanted to do this ride but my calves were still a bit tight. When I told Lisa that I was thinking of bailing on the ride she said she wanted to go so that was that.

Sarah and Aaron picked us up at 8 am we put the bikes on top of the Chainwheelmobile and headed to the store to meet some others going on the ride. Quick introductions and an hour and a half road trip brought us to the trailhead near Mountain Harbor Resort.

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This is a great trail system and is expanding. Lisa and I rode about 15 miles using some cutoffs to keep up with the rest of the group that was doing about 20 miles. We got to the far end and stopped for a short break, PB&J’s for Lisa and I because it’s all about the food and then headed back which was an easier ride.

At one point we got into a nice cruise and I took off a bit. Lisa being very tired from the previous days activities hit a log and then fell on it getting a beautiful purple and green bruise on her thigh. She sat there for a while before getting up, putting her chain back on and remounting the bike. I’m thinking she sat there a little too long and got a bad case of mites (why this girl keeps heading out with me I’ll never know). Anyway, I finally noticed her missing and went back up the trail to find her moving on. We casually headed for the car where we had time to read some of the newspaper before everyone else got back.

A short trip to Burl’s Country Smokehouse and some barbeque sandwiches and we were back on our way home. We will be out on the trail again soon when we are 100%. As for the description, expect sweet singletrack with some tough short climbs and tight turns. The views of the lake are wonderful. I don’t remember much in the way of rock gardens so it’s not overly technical. I understand they are about to add another 5 miles soon. Can’t wait!

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