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Last Fall we decided to give outdoor participants a little something extra and came up with an idea. When we are covering a race or other outdoor event we sometimes go all camera happy, often taking hundreds (or thousands) of photos. We only use a few for our articles and so we have created some rather large libraries of photos. Not all are gems but they may be worth something to the participants. They are great for bragging rights or alibis. Instead of cluttering up our website (and eating up a lot of space and bandwidth) by posting them in the articles we upload them to our Flickr Page. The page has over 22,000 photos with over 400,000 views. We also have a lot of other information on our Facebook, Twitter and You Tube site.

We ask one thing…let us know what you like. Make comments on all these sites, click the like, thumbs up, re-tweet or favorite buttons. Tell your friends, share the stories and let us know what we’re missing. (It would also help if you let our advertisers know that you appreciate them supporting us.)

You can also make a comment on any of our stories including the events. Let us know how your race went or if you plan to participate in a particular event. Use the contact page to let us know of an event we don’t have on the calendar.

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Always striving for the summit....
Always striving for the summit….

In the coming months we plan to continue covering the Arkansas Ultra Trail Series, the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series and the Arkansas Triathlon Series among other things. This Fall we will be covering the Arkansas Super-Prestige Cyclocross Series, the Big Dam Bridge 100, various runs, hikes and floats.

Also, we plan to get outside the state next month and cover the Arkansas participation in the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race.  Thanks again for your support, say hi when you see us at a race or event.

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