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Monument Trails Bring World-Class Mountain Biking to Arkansas State Parks

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Update: The first Monument Trail will opened on June 8, 2019, at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area. More info available on their Facebook Page.

Another Update: The second Monument Trail will open on July 27, 2019, at Mount Nebo State Park.

Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation announces experiential, multifaceted trail system

Monument Trails, a collection of destination mountain biking trails merging world-class riding with architecture, art, and nature, are set to open in several Arkansas State Parks starting in June 2019.

Monument Trails take an adventure-minded approach to trails while ensuring accessibility for riders and hikers of every skill level.  Through extraordinary and varied mountain bike riding, innovative build techniques by some of the nation’s best trail builders, and the unique terrain and topography of the Arkansas State Parks, Monument Trails will be truly special.

The trails are being designed and built for opportunities to engage with nature by way of biking, camping, fishing, and hiking as well as establishing purpose-built stopping points and installations highlighting the state parks’ natural beauty.

New monument trails will open next month at Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area near Rogers, AR

“The Monument Trails are designed with an entire family in mind. The simple goal is to provide an unforgettable experience along the trail that will inspire you to seek, find and discover our state and build a sense of pride and appreciation,” said Suzanne Grobmyer, executive director of the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation. “The Monument Trails are going to change the dynamic for communities across the state by improving quality of life and creating new economic activity.”

Monument Trails are a project of the recently-established nonprofit organization Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation (APRF). The foundation is funded through private donations and grants. A $2 million grant from the Walton Family Foundation supported the development of the first Monument Trail at Hobbs State Park.

“Trails are a signature characteristic of the quality of life in Northwest Arkansas and an economic engine for tourism in the region,” said Tom Walton, Walton Family Foundation Home Region Committee chair. “Monument Trails can expand those transformative benefits to more communities through world-class ride experiences in state parks across Arkansas.”

The Monument Trails will expand access to extraordinary trail systems in state parks throughout Arkansas. Work is underway developing designs and future plans in 2019, including trail systems at Pinnacle Mountain State Park in Little Rock, Mount Nebo State Park in Dardanelle and Devil’s Den State Park in Northwest Arkansas.

The partnership with Arkansas State Parks is the first of its kind and was in line with the vision of Arkansas State Parks Director Grady Spann, who said the partnership represents an opportunity to showcase the natural and iconic beauty of the parks.

“Something setting Arkansas State Parks apart from other natural areas is the encouragement guests are given to engage with the resources,” Spann said. “By building the Monument Trails, we’re focusing on increased recreational opportunities, educating visitors on resource conservation, and enhancing the economy through trail-based tourism – all while maintaining low-impact development on park resources.”

The Monument Trails will offer something for almost every level of rider.
The Monument Trails will offer something for almost every level of rider.

Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation Trail Project Manager Amber Chambers has overseen much of the direct trail building efforts. Her unique view into the work of building the trail system has given her a deep appreciation for the vision of Monument Trails.

“I’ve seen thousands of miles of trails across the U.S., and the thoughtful design and experience we’re building into our parks is going to be something special,” Chambers said. “The aim for accessibility, coupled with truly unique outdoor opportunities, will allow the Monument Trails to stand alongside the greatest trails in the country.”

The Monument Trails will be home to purpose-built art or architectural features, special camping spaces, and viewing areas on some of the state’s most scenic vistas.

“Monument Trails are overall access points for adventure in Arkansas,” Grobmyer said. “They take all users into consideration, whether you’re looking for a world-class mountain biking trip, a leisurely ride with beautiful stops, a short bike packing opportunity to a secluded campsite, or just a beautiful hike.”

The first Monument Trail opening to the public will be at Hobbs State Park in June of 2019. You can find more information about the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation here, and you may make a direct donation to the future of Monument Trails here.

For future updates on the Monument Trails, trail fans are encouraged to follow them on the following social media platforms:

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The Monument Trails in Brief:

Vision: The Monument Trails are destination trail systems at Arkansas State Parks acting as access points for greater outdoor adventures. Monument Trails are world-class mountain biking destinations that showcase the natural iconic beauty of the parks they are within while exemplifying the highest quality in craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainability. These multi-use trails offer enduring outdoor experiences to trail riders of all skill levels, connecting them to a sense of place and history while providing a modern approach with visually unexpected architectural features and landscape art.

About the Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation

The Arkansas Parks and Recreation Foundation (arparksfoundation.org) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing parks and recreational opportunities throughout Arkansas. Outdoor recreation is a way of life in Arkansas, and the Foundation was established to support, protect, enhance, and add value to the places that provide exceptional recreational experiences across the Natural State. The spirit of the organization is about improving our quality of life while paying tribute to the legacy of the Civilian Conservation Corps, which laid the groundwork for the modern tenets of conservation. For more information or to give today, contact Suzanne Grobmyer  suzanne@arparksfoundation.com.

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  1. Why is everything staying in NW AR? It would be FANTASTIC to see some work in North central AR. Theirs literally nothing but Syllamo trails. Greers Ferry lake (Heber Springs) would be an incredible area for some trails.

  2. Crowley’s Ridge topography could also lend itself to some monumental trails but the erosive nature of the geology demands well designed and carefully constructed trails. I hope Village Creek State Park and Mississippi River State will be next in line for Monument Trails. With proximity to the Memphis/Tennessee bike market, they would be a great tourism boon to eastern Arkansas and complement the wonderful amenities ASP has already developed in these beautiful parks.

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