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We have a lot of events listed on our calendar of events, mostly very active stuff like runs, rides and floats but we can’t have everything. Arkansas State Parks has over 40,000 events and programs every year and there is no way I’m putting all those on our calendar. The good news is they are easy to find on their calendar of events.

Simple Navigation
Simple Navigation

It’s pretty easy to narrow down things which is necessary with so many things going on in 52 different parks. You can simply just pick a date from the calendar on the left or pick a date range on the right, a specific park and even keywords. That little Heart Healthy box will make it show only events and programs that make you get up and move like a hike or paddle.

Just under that is a search for events near you. This is there because sometimes we get hooked on a favorite park and forget about other nearby parks, for example, In Little Rock most people think of Pinnacle Mountain State Park first and forget that for many Toltec Mounds and Plantation Agricultural Museum are just as close. So now you can put in a radius from your town or your zip code. Pretty cool.

Now, say you’re more of a loner or or just want to do a hike with friends and don’t need to have it as part of a program, you can go to the trails page and do the same kind of stuff.

Trails Search
Trails Search

Again, pretty easy navigation here. Search by difficulty, type or location close to you. Also, if you know the park or trail you are visiting and just want more information, use the bottom part of the search. Once you get a trail they also have listings for other nearby trails, location of trail heads, photos and even a place where you can comment on the trail.

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Remember that both of these tools only cover Arkansas State Parks and NOT other parks or public lands in the state. Things are always being upgraded (they hope to add more mapping to the trails database in the next year).

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Always something to do in Arkansas.

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