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Lance Carpenter
Lance Carpenter

Country Music singer Lance Carpenter was among the bands scheduled to play at “Thunder on the Mountain”.  When faced with the decision to cancel his plans, he decided, “the show must go on”.  “A negative situation is being turned into a positive situation because of a community pulling together around a local artist who is organizing a music festival in 2 weeks.”  Lance had performed at near-by venue, Byrd’s Adventure Center, in the recent past and knew that the venue could accommodate music festivals.  After meeting with the owners of Byrd’s, he was determined to entertain his fans on the banks of the Mulberry River.  “Byrd’s is a beautiful venue and they were happy to partner not to take the place or replace Thunder but to just give folks who had planned on a music festival for months something to do”!  Zen and Pamela Byrd Boulden added “We’re just glad to help. And we love Lance’s music.”

Raelyn Nelson - Willie Nelson's Granddaughter will be there.
Raelyn Nelson – Willie Nelson’s Granddaughter will be there.

Lance had this to say about his new role as festival coordinator, “I told someone the other day I feel like I stepped into a puddle and fell into the ocean. Organizing a festival is SO MUCH WORK, but I’ve never felt this good knowing it’s going to do so much for our community and be a weekend that folks around Arkansas will talk about for years to come. We are about halfway to our sponsor goal as well so please keep spreading the word and know that every dollar is going towards making this weekend amazing. I don’t know how many tickets I can sell. I just wanted to offer a viable option for the folks that had planned on a music festival. I never dreamed it would grow like this but I am proud that the overwhelming support is positive and I hope this boosts the economy, and has a positive impact on our community. Tickets, maybe we sell 200, 500, 1000…no matter how many people are in the crowd me and my band are going to put on a show.”

Backroad Anthem
Backroad Anthem

If you are looking for the opportunity to enjoy country music and breath-taking Arkansas scenery join Lance and his friends at “Music on the Mulberry” .  There are ample opportunities to get out and enjoy the Natural State from hiking or four-wheeling through the Ozark National Forest to floating, fishing or swimming in the Mulberry River.  Byrd’s provides trail maps and shuttle services to help simplify your experience. The current list of musicians performing:  Lance Carpenter – Singer/Songwriter and The Union, Keith Anderson, Backroad Anthem,  Matt Stell, Trailer Choir, Jared Blake, Drew Baldridge, Highway Run, The Devious Angels, Rachael Turner, Matthew Huff, Heavens 2 Betsy, David Adam Byrnes, Jason Lindsey Band, Devin Robberson, George Brothers, Hard Cider Boys, Dixie Jade,  Raelyn Nelson, Roger Creager, Kevin Fowler, Jacob Powell, and more to come!

While you're there, cool off with a float down the Mulberry. (photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism)
While you’re there, cool off with a float down the Mulberry. (photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism)
Or just take a dip in the river. (photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism)
Or just take a dip in the river. (photo courtesy of Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism)

Festival and camping passes can be purchased in advance or at the gate.  Tickets are already on sale on his website for  3-day passes $75.  Call Byrd’s Adventure Center to make your camping reservations. 479-667-4066.

Norfork Adventure Supply

“There are many other ways you can help as well. You can donate any other amount, prizes or giveaways would be appreciated, some artists have requested hotel rooms, and volunteering your time to help promote or help on site day of would be greatly appreciated.” – Lance Carpenter

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