Nalgene Outdoor Celebrates 70th Anniversary

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We don’t normally post stories about products like this but our earliest memories of backpacking include the iconic Nalgene bottles. These things took a beating, were recipients of numerous stickers, were often wrapped in duct-tape for trailside emergencies, etc. Our MSR and other water filters were designed to fit directly to the mouth of the bottle, hot water would be added to them and then stuffed into the foot of our sleeping bags. Various juices and soups were mixed in them. They were attached to carabiners on or stuffed in our backpacks. They are still a major part of our outdoor experience.

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Nalgene Outdoor, the original water bottle that first debuted in 1949, will commemorate its 70th anniversary with a limited-edition water bottle showcasing this beloved brand’s first logo of a prowling Mountain Lion.

Bold and strong, just like a Nalgene bottle, the throwback design celebrates everyday adventures, both outdoor and indoor. Available in Clementine and Olive at, this limited-edition bottle will have an MSRP of $11.99

Nalgene will also offer celebratory 70th Anniversary limited-edition stickers as a gift with purchase on for the remainder of 2019. The designs are a nod of gratitude to Nalgene fans everywhere who created the tradition of honoring precious memories and adventures with stickers on their bottles.

“We’re proud to celebrate Nalgene’s 70-year mission of delivering reusable products with incredible value,” says Elissa McGee, general manager, Nalgene Outdoor. “Nalgene is more than the ‘on trend’ water bottle of the day. Born from science 70-years ago, endurance-tested on the trail, and popularized for decades at campsites, gyms, schools, and offices, Nalgene is the real deal.”

Rooted in Science. Made for Life
Nalgene containers started as lab equipment in 1949 as part of the Nalge Company in Rochester, NY. For decades Nalgene has been a part of consumer culture, from the Boy Scouts to the 1980 U.S. Olympic Men’s Hockey Team; and from establishing color and fun in the reusable water bottle industry to driving change and increasing awareness that to reduce, one must reuse.

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Every Nalgene Has a Story. What’s Yours?
Around the world and back again. 70 years strong and made for life’s everyday adventures, every Nalgene bottle has a story. What’s yours? Tag @Nalgene on Facebook or Instagram.

All Nalgene bottles are BPA- and BPS-free, durable, leak-proof and dishwasher safe. Product samples and high-resolution photos are available upon request.

Nalgene Outdoor: The “Original”
How has the Nalgene bottle earned its title as the “original?” A brief overview of product development and cultural shifts that have touched multiple generations follows:

From the Lab to the Wilderness: A Design that Defies the Test of Time
Born from science, Nalgene containers started as lab equipment in 1949 as part of the Nalge Company in Rochester, NY. Heralded for leak-proof, lightweight and durable qualities, the bottle and cap design transformed from an in-the-know secret popular with local Boy Scouts and outdoor enthusiasts to a consumer product relied upon all over the world.

In the 1970s the wide mouth bottle, with its iconic shape that conjures up memories of summer camp or trail hacks, simply became known as Nalgene. The bottles soon moved back indoors, to 1980s aerobics classes and by the 1990s, into college lecture halls filled by a generation that was reared to reuse, not just recycle. As sustainable lifestyles took hold of the mainstream, Nalgene was the first to liven up the category with the introduction of vibrant colors, graphics, and license agreements.

Today, Nalgene bottles are proven and trusted companions for everyday adventures from the classroom to the boardroom, or the gym to the mountain top. At a price point of $11.99 or less, Nalgene bottles buck the trend that premium gear must cost a premium price.

Nalgene Helped Drive a Cultural Shift That to Reduce, One Must Reuse.
For seventy years, Nalgene alongside its consumers has championed sustainability and the environment by offering a reliable solution for those looking to integrate a reusable water bottle into everyday activities. Highlights of its eco-conscious initiatives include:

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  • Most recently, Nalgene partnered with Reverb to launch RocknRefill, a non-profit confronting waste at music festivals nationwide. The program has diverted more than 2.75 Million single-use bottles from landfills and provided more than 325,000 reusable bottles to music lovers.
  • Nalgene-initiated programs like “Refill Not Landfill and Filter for Good with Brita that promote the benefits of refilling reusable water bottles to reduce single-use bottle waste.
  • Nalgene Outdoor played a critical role in “Drink Up with former First Lady Michelle Obama that uses Nalgene bottles to replace single-use plastic while encouraging more sustainable hydration.
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Miracles Really Do Happen with Nalgene
When the gold-medal winning 1980 U.S. Olympic Men’s Hockey Team headed to Lake Placid to face off against the Russians in what is now known as the “Miracle on Ice,” they needed a flexible water bottle that could squirt water through their helmets. Once again Nalgene scientists came through with a design that worked. Nalgene bottles were used by the team to fuel them onto the historic win!

About NALGENE Outdoor
NALGENE® Outdoor Products is based in Rochester, New York. Founded in 1949 as a manufacturer of the first plastic pipette holder, the company soon expanded its product line to include state-of-the-art polyethylene labware under the NALGENE brand. By the mid-1970s, outdoor enthusiasts had discovered the taste and odor-resistant, leak-proof and rugged properties of NALGENE’s large selection of plastic containers. In response to this emerging demand, NALGENE Outdoor Products was formed and today the consumer-oriented business offers its customers a wide choice of safe, environmentally friendly, BPA- and BPS- free products that meet their lifestyle needs. For more information, contact NALGENE Consumer Products or visit

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