Up on two wheels

National Bike Month Celebration – Arkansas Style

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It feels like it’s already started. In the last couple of weeks we’ve covered many different types of cycling in Arkansas. Nothing too serious but still diverse.

Up on two wheels
Up on two wheels

There was some nice trail riding near a museum in northwest Arkansas:

How about some hardcore mountain biking that never left a road:

How about a casual stroll of a ride on the Arkansas River Trail with a lot of new riders:

An of course there was the insanity of racing bikes on a scavenger hunt while wearing pajamas:

And that doesn’t even include the night time Bike Polo, Cyclocross or Tweed Ride that we’ve filmed this year. We’re only a third of the way through the year so stay tuned for more fun on two wheels.

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For more fun on film (actually an SD card), check out our You Tube page.

Remember May 18th is Bike to Work Day. Hook up with a convoy.

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    1. It’s an photo I took at the Ouachita Challenge in 2008 with some modification. I used an online (free) program called befunky.com. Enjoy.

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