Take a ride in the River Market.

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We don’t often report on things to do that involve just sitting there but sometimes you need to give the dogs a break, let someone else do the pedaling, be a paddle dipper, let the other guy take a pull. In central Arkansas we have a new transportation service that doesn’t involve cars, buses, trolleys or Segways (although we still have all of those). You can now enjoy an quiet, easy ride through downtown Little Rock and North Little Rock from the back of the area’s first Pedicab.

Take a ride in the River Market.
Take a ride in the River Market.

What is a Pedicab?

Pedicabs have become a staple in bicycle/pedestrian friendly communities like Austin, TX, Portland, OR and Ft. Collins, CO. A Pedicab or bike taxi is a pretty simple idea. A trike that pulls 2 or 3 people with the driver using peddle power to propel the passengers through the street.

I spoke with Gregory Wagnon, owner of LRPedicab which started doing business just a month ago. In his travels he had seen and used pedicabs in various cities and felt like there was an opportunity for this kind of alternative transportation in the Little Rock area.

Gregory takes us to the Clinton Presidential Library.
Gregory takes us to the Clinton Presidential Library.

Gregory explained that you can’t just get a bike and start taking people around town. He has to follow the same rules and pay the same licensing fees as a regular cab but it does afford him use of the cab stands scattered around town. This has started a few healthy conversations with cab drivers about where bikes belong. He also made sure his cab had proper lighting and even had to make sure his tires were wide enough so he wouldn’t get stuck in the trolley tracks.

Most of the fares, particularly on weekend nights, are people trying to get from the restaurants and bars to their hotels or parking areas but many just want to experience Little Rock at a slower pace and take in the beauty of both sides of the river. LRPedicab has a limited service area but at the less than 10 mph pace most wouldn’t want to use this to get all the way across town. Besides, within his service area, Gregory can get riders from the Capitol to Heifer Project and throughout most of the business districts of Little Rock and North Little Rock. This includes Dickey-Stephens Ballpark, Verizon Arena and the Argenta District. Gregory’s day job is at Aristotle Interactive so for now he keeps the wheels turning on nights and weekends.

Heading back to downtown on a beautiful fall day.
Heading back to downtown on a beautiful fall day.

Have you ever wanted a way to tour the twin cities with no glass between you and the view? What if it also uses no fossil fuels to operate, is that a bonus? Why not try touring by pedicab.  Gregory is a very personable guy and will chat about the sights or just pedal along enjoying his own trip while you sit back and relax. Some of the amenities the cab offers are music if you want, blankets for those cool evening rides and for Gregory, a battery powered assisted front wheel to help get over the bridges.

One remarkable thing is the fees. Gregory does this for tips only. He said that fee structure is working so far and he is rarely stiffed on a ride. Although he is available for hire for special occasions, like weddings, the best way to try it out is to be in the River Market area on a weekend night and hail him down when you see him or call/text him for a pick up.


Not looking for a tour but just need a ride? Gregory’s wheels can do that too. Have you ever complained about having to park far away from your downtown Little Rock or Argenta destination? Hail the pedicab for a ride to or from your event or concert and avoid the more crowded parking areas. Ladies, have you ever worried about walking back to your vehicle at night? Hail the pedicab for a secure ride to your parking area.

Another cycling style option for getting around town is do your own pedaling by renting a bike or taking a bike tour. Check with Fike’s Bikes in North Little Rock or Bobby’s Bike Hike in Little Rock to find out more.


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    1. Faith,
      Congratulations on the engagement. Little Rock Pedicab did a wedding where the ceremony and reception were in the same venue. The bride and groom used my services to leave after the reception for their hotel. You can see a photo here: lrpedicab.com/events

  1. Rode Greg’s pedicab a few weeks ago. Awesome person and awesome ride! I felt much safer that late, weekend night getting back to my hotel from the River Market. I will definitely call on him in the future!

  2. Is this service still available? I would love to have this for our transition from wedding ceremony to reception venue.

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