New Mountain Biking Trail….Almost!

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Sorry, haven’t posted lately but I have a d*mn good excuse! For the last couple of years I have been involved in the design and building of new mountain bike trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. We are really close to being finished with the trail but we need a good push to get it done. Therefore, we are having a trail building party at the park this weekend.

Here are the particulars:

You asked for it, you’ve stayed awake at night thinking about it, you’ve wished upon every star, plane, satellite and UFO you’ve seen in the night sky and now is your chance to help make it happen.

Let’s get the mountain bike trails at Pinnacle Mountain State Park finished! The trail has been flagged, raked and a lot of work is already done. Now to fine tune this baby: lopping, moving a few rocks, armoring some streams that kind of stuff.

We are having a working party to give area mountain bikers a chance to be part of the creation of a wonderful new mountain bike trails system.

What if you can’t make it? Well, we have a set up so that you can donate to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park trail fund. Make the check out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park and make sure you note in the memo line that it is for the mountain bike trails. This will help us buy materials to build bridges, signs and trail head bulletin boards. See the park staff at the visitor center for details.

Date: Saturday May 15th.

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Time: 7:45 am until we can work no more (mid to late afternoon)

Where: The parking lot at the Ouachita Trail Head near the Pinnacle Mountain State Park Visitors Center, off Pinnacle Valley Road.

What to bring:
• A great attitude and jovial personality.
• Sturdy shoes
• Work gloves
• Water or drink (we recommend a hydration pack)
• Trail snacks
• Bug Spray
• Nippers (you know, little pruning shears)
• Loppers (you know, big pruning shears)
• Hand saws
• Shovels
• Crow/pry bars for moving rocks
• Weedeater with extra line
• Eye protection if you have it.
• Sledgehammer (not the Peter Gabriel song, it’s sooooo 80’s)
• Extra tools
• A completed copy of the Park Volunteer Release Form

What’s provided:
• CARP will provide pizza for lunch (please bring your own drink. If you plan to work after lunch, please no beer; save it for after you are finished working) that was Daron’s idea, such a hater.
• Shuttle service to and from work areas.
• Did I say pizza from the great folks at CARP?

Do not bring:
• Do not bring your bike, they are not allowed on the trails yet. (I know, I know…that’s a tough one)
• Chainsaws (unless you were asked specifically to bring one)
• Rakes

For more information contact Joe Jacobs or Daron Harris at

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Here is an idea of what the trail will be like and some of the work to be done:

Remember! Please do not hurt our relationship with the park by riding these trails before they are formally opened. Do not ruin this wonderful opportunity!

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Pinnacle Mountain Bike Trails (not yet open for riding)
Pinnacle Mountain Bike Trails (not yet open for riding)

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