New Trail in Southeast Arkansas!

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Southeast Arkansas sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s not real hilly and many areas have been cleared for farming and are pretty treeless. But there are some wonderful pockets of this part of the state that might just surprise even some diehard Arkies.

For instance, Cane Creek State Park near Star City. This is a wonderful place. They have a flatwater kayak trail that takes you past several beaver lodges. We have never done this trail without seeing at least one beaver swimming nearby. The park has kayaks to rent if you don’t have your own.

They also have a beautiful, well kept campground with 29 campsites, pavilions and a clean bathhouse and if you want a little more luxury you can rent an RV. They also have a new mile multi-use trail for hiking and mountain biking. The photo above is one of the bridges (this one is a 90 footer). The trail will be approximately 17-miles in length. It will traverse through two of Arkansas’ natural land divisions (12-miles of West Gulf Coastal Plains & 5-miles of Mississippi Alluvial Plains) and will have a total of 40 bridges varying in size. It is the only trail of this type in southeast Arkansas. The trail will be rated light to light moderate in difficulty. It looks to be a great trail to take first timer mountain bikers or if you just want a nice long ride through the woods. Much of the trail was built with the help of local boy scouts. Just above is a map of the trail with milage markers.

Besides the hiking, mountain biking and kayaking they of course have wonderful fishing, interpretive programs, and you might even get to pet the alligator at the visitor center. You can also rent some comfort bikes from the park.

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