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You may have noticed a plethora of news articles on the growth of Northwest Arkansas as a mountain biking destination. We figured we’d share a couple more that just came out this week. Bentonville and the rest of that corner of the state are becoming nationally world renowned for their beautiful trail systems, food, beverage options, and year-round outdoor recreation opportunities. Here are two more articles that should make any Arkansan proud. One for Cycling Illustrated and the other from Shoulders of Giants.

Spirit of Syllamo

Brian Lopes: On the Road in the Land of Oz – Cycling Illustrated Cycling News

Northwest Arkansas’ has emerged as a darling of the Mountain biking scene in recent years evidenced by the region being selected to host the 2016 International Mountain Bicycling Association World Summit. I’d never been to Arkansas, but I’d heard a bit about the trail revolution happening in the northwest corner of the state. When I got the invite to visit, I grabbed my Ellsworth and my pal, Andre Pepin, and bypassed the Rockies for the Ozarks.

Source: Brian Lopes: On the Road in the Land of Oz – Cycling Illustrated Cycling News, Competitive Cycling Photos, Racing Scores and Daily Analysis

Middle America has its first great MTB town

But over the past decade, the community has quietly developed some of the best bike infrastructure in the central United States. Bentonville is now surrounded by almost 100 miles of soft-surface bike trails, and many of those can be accessed by a paved urban trail network. The town has placed bikes and bike culture at the fore of its planning process—and people are starting to notice. “It’s been amazing watching it grow around here.” said Lindsay Custer, president of the local trail maintenance organizatio

Source: Middle America has its first great MTB town | Shoulders of

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