NWA Mountain Bike Trails Growing | Northwest Arkansas

More on what the growing mountain bike trails in Northwest Arkansas are bringing to the community. A lesson that cities throughout Arkansas are warming to. “We’re seeing growth in our commerce and growth in the businesses making Northwest Arkansas their home based on the recreational offerings that we can give their employees, that’s going to a create happier employee, it’s going to create a healthier employee,” Pack said.

“Now we have over 200 miles of mountain bike trails in the region,” said Paxton Roberts. Roberts is the chief bicycle officer and executive director of Bike NWA, an advocacy group for biking in Northwest Arkansas. The organization serves as a resource for cyclists of all skill levels by providing information about cycling clubs, nonprofits and bike shops in the area. Riders today get to explore new landscapes, thanks to volunteers from organizations like Ozark Offroad Cyclists, which have been creating trails since 1997. “Whenever I’ve built trails with my hands, I know that I’m leaving, you know, truly a legacy on the community,” said Brannon Pack, executive director of Ozark Offroad Cyclists. Taxpayer dollars paired with thousands of volunteer hours and millions in private donations have led to an explosion of trail building, from Mount Kessler in Fayetteville and The Railyard in Rogers to Slaughter Pen in Bentonville and Coler Mountain Bike Preserve in Bella Vista. (Video at Link)

Source: NWA Mountain Bike Trails Growing | Northwest Arkansas

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