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It’s a cold, wet, wintry day in Arkansas. The sleet/rain/snow is keeping the dogs inside for now. We’re being slugs, sitting around watching television while we still have power. The tree limbs are bending at the added weight the ice brings, and a commercial comes on, an oatmeal commercial. Actually a Quaker Oats commercial and it has everything.

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I don’t usually wax on about commercials although I’ll admit to watching new ones with interest due to a career in advertising and marketing. As I was reminded today of an Oscar Wilde quote by my friend Steve, “Talent borrows, genius steals.” Always looking for new ideas. So, oatmeal… I still remember the commercials with the hot bowl of goodness following kids around on cold snowy days or some wise words from Wilford Brimley. But this one debuted a couple of days ago and it has it all. Snow, A Kid, Dreams, A Bike, Mom, Oatmeal, Success. So I wanted to share. This has nothing to do with Arkansas other than us not needing to have much of an imagination today to be empathetic of tough weather conditions. Enjoy some oatmeal and stay safe and warm.

What is your favorite add on to oatmeal?

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