Obviously this was not my name sign, but someone was being rather anonymous.

Okay, let’s focus!

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While many of my friends enjoyed Mt. Nebo on Saturday, I was in Little Rock for the RRCA Coaching Certification.  Coaching?  You didn’t know I wanted to be a coach?  You’re not the only one.  I didn’t know either.  It’s tough for me to pass up an opportunity to acquire more knowledge.  When it comes to running, I’m like a minister of information minus the censorship and propaganda.  Okay, let’s focus.

Obviously this was not my name sign, but someone was being rather anonymous.
Obviously this was not my name sign, but someone was being rather anonymous.
This was my name sign.
This was my name sign.

The group assembled was full of running community leaders.  All were Arkies except for Becky who joined us from Tennessee.  Her fast typing and quick action was rewarded with two days of fun in the sun with quirky Arkansans.  Not really.  There was sun, which many hurried to during each break, but it was always short lived.  Instead, we had to make ourselves at home in the St. Vincent South Auditorium.  Major shout out to Brenda Stallings for making that happen.

Carol, Annette, and Cathy are having too much fun while Bruce and Becky work hard.
Carol, Annette, and Cathy are having too much fun while Bruce and Becky work hard.

Our teacher, Randy Accetta, flew in from Tucson, AZ, to present a wealth of material.  I could tell you about several of his escapades, adventures, and fiascoes.  However, anyone there will tell you that witnessing him explain and illustrate it was much better.  There is no way you could make that stuff up.   From phrases to stories that I will never forget, Randy fulfilled his duty to deliver the information in an enlightening, whimsical manner.  Okay, let’s focus.

Randy, you’re on candid camera!
Randy, you’re on candid camera!

This was only the second time a course has been offered in Little Rock.  Thanks to our awesome Arkansas RRCA State Rep, David Meroney, for requesting the RRCA to come back.  Since the course is in high demand, I have no doubt it won’t be the last time.  Luckily, I was able to experience it with people that I knew.  Ten RRCA clubs were represented.  Others may be in the works and if I didn’t mention yours, apologies.

RRCA Clubs

Arkansas Ultra Running Association | Cabot Country Cruisers | Conway Running Club Little Rock Roadrunners Club | Memphis Runners Track Club | River Valley Runners | Saline County Striders, Western Arkansas Runners | White River Roadrunners | Women Run Arkansas

What did we talk about?  Running. Not specific enough, eh?  I understand. The topics were training plans, types of runners, history of coaching, injuries, insurance, sports psychology, business of coaching, nutrition, etc. Lunch was more hands-on. If that’s not specific enough, I’ll copy the course material and upload it soon. In case you’re unaware, that last sentence was pure sarcasm.  Okay, let’s focus.

Nick rules.
Nick rules.

I’m proud to say we had a group of people that were not foreign to the concepts of social media.  A few are bloggers and others were tweeting and facebooking.  Don’t act like you’ve never used those terms as verbs before.  They may not be in the dictionary, but they will be soon.

Meet the bloggers

John (Running with Amanda) | Katie (Zest of Little Rock),

Heather (Where’s the Beach) | Tia (Arkansas Runner Mom)

Meet the tweeters

Randy (@runtucson) | John (@RunWithAmanda) | Chris (@Woody_runs)

Michael (@Arkanzin) | Erik (@ERHeller) | Heather (@hriacobacci)

Christi (@ChristiJ312) | Nicholas (@absolut_zer0) | David (@ArkansasRRCA)

Katie (@KatieMcManners) | Brenda (@runnerbee08) | Tia (@tstonerunnermom)

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After a 100-question test and becoming certified in CPR and First Aid we’ll be official.  Then, the true test begins.  Uh-oh!  With that, I’ll leave you with a few phrases from the class.  Taking phrases out of context usually can create havoc or hilarity.  I hope it’s the latter.  If not, don’t wreak havoc on me.  I was in a room where I couldn’t connect to wireless and was confined to using my phone on breaks.  You know how difficult that was for me?  Okay, let’s focus.

25 Phrases from the class

  1. Run at a Brady Bunch pace.
  2. I think VO2 max and plantar fasciitis were responsible for my divorce.
  3. I hate running!
  4. This slide is left over, but I kind of like the colors.
  5. I generally feel like a girl in a mermaid costume.
  6. I can run 100-mile weeks for 3 days.
  7. This clipart is stupid.
  8. Michael Jordan can slam a basketball, but I can beat him in a mile.
  9. Just roll it!
  10. It’s way better to live a life without any goals or dreams.
  11. People are idiots.
  12. Men are bad people.
  13. What is he talking about again?
  14. Running is an addiction.
  15. You have to be smarter than I am.
  16. Are you really going to get struck by lightning?
  17. Do you have ribbons at the Porta-Johns?
  18. Under Trained consistently and consistently under trained.
  19. Says the guy wearing a yoga shirt.
  20. Breathe like a horse or a bear.
  21. You can love running so much that you hate it.
  22. We’re in trouble with that sentence.
  23. Visit the coach with a baseball bat.
  24. I could argue against myself.
  25. Okay, let’s focus.

Until next time! Y’all come back now, y’hear! [Photo credit: Randy Accetta]
Until next time! Y’all come back now, y’hear! [Photo credit: Randy Accetta]
 When I’m not running, volunteering, or writing, you can usually find me lurking on Twitter or blogging at ICEdot Athletes#Runchat, or Trail and Ultra Running.

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10 Responses

    1. It was a long weekend, but I enjoyed myself. There were some characters in our group (ahem..Katie) that always kept me going.

      No problem on including your information. By the way, where is the beach in Arkansas?

  1. Informative, entertaining piece. This is why Nicholas Norfolk is Beast. Hey Nick, you followed the don’t-use-your-smartphone mandate better than I did. It’s how I focus. Really. Excuse me while I go see my male gynecologist. Ok let’s focus.

  2. Nicholas, you captured our weekend spot on. Two days, 16 hours, with 32 really crazy runners who run marathons, ultras, quadzillas, trails, and cycle (the sitting down sport) … Let’s Focus … listening and learning how NOT to be crazy anymore. I’m glad I was there to soak up the knowledge and take it back to my running group. Now, I just need to focus and pass my exam as I refuse to be the 1 who flunks (looking around the room).

    Great recap.

    1. Since I know you’ve already passed, that’s one less worry. I’m sure we’re not the only ones that left the class possibly reconsidering our training strategies and race schedules. It’s hard to be normal again. We can do it!

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