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A little about how my workouts have been going lately. After our ride at Camp Robinson on Sunday I was feeling pretty good about my riding. All the road miles lately seemed to be helping the stamina and the 18 mile ride didn’t take as much out of me as I thought it would. Then came Tuesday night. L wanted to go for a walk and I suggested a ride. She countered with a ride from our house to a nearby city park. They have a few trails that can be ridden on mountain bikes. This was to be a short ride nothing big.

My bad, I forgot to mention the hills in between our house and the park. And one good climb in the park. I don’t know if it was the late in the day humidity, the fact that I always perform better early in the day or the hills. That little 5 mile ride kicked my butt! It doesn’t help that it finishes on Mountain Drive which would be more appropriately named “Mountain From Hell Drive!” (MFHD) Anyway, I’ll just call it a better workout than I was expecting.

I’ve been watching the 2008 Primal Quest Adventure Race on the internet since it started a few days ago so I’m getting a bit pumped to get back into adventure racing. I haven’t done one in a couple of years and I miss it. Of course that means running so this morning I set out on my good old hilly 5k from the house. It was slow, slow, slow. After running, jogging, maybe more like a quick walk I met L while walking up MFHD as she was on her way to work. I told her that I was slow and her answer was, “What do you expect.” I get no sympathy.

Mullet Run - Northwoods Trails - Hot Springs

Anyway, I’m back to running again. I’ll probably go on a flatter four mile run on Saturday morning then I’ve got a 40 mile mountain bike ride on Sunday with a friend of mine. Ahhhhhh, Summer training, gotta love it!

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For more information on Primal Quest you can go to their Web site or read the race reports that I am posting in the sidebar of this blog.

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